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X-Men Masterworks Vol.4
The latest and greatest title in the juggernaut that is Marvel Masterworks! Collecting the original tales of Marvel's merry mutants, MARVEL MASTERWORKS: THE X-MEN VOL. 4 presents the long out-of-print stories from X-MEN (Vol. 1) #32-42 for the first time in thirty years! This is the original X-Men: ReLoad featuring the team's first new costumes
X-Men Masterworks Vol.3
The original X-Men battle Count Nefaria and his super-villain army; face the menace of the Locust and Kukulkan; meet their new member Mimic; and puzzle over the mystery of Factor Three and their agents, Ogre and Banshee. Reprints X-Men #22-31, the adventures continue! Includes the debut of many other Villains such as Locust, Cobalt Man, Puppet
X-Men Masterworks Vol.2
The origin of Professor X! The birth of the Juggernaut! The end of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants! The coming of the Sentinels! And the mystery of the Mimic! Reprints X-Men #11-21. The original X-Men continue the adventures, and meet new adversaries such as Juggernaut, Mimic and the Sentinels! Also includes the origin story of Professor X, and
X-Men Masterworks Vol.1
The origin of the team that spawned a movie franchise! Telepathic teacher Charles Xavier assembles his first recruits - Cyclops, Angel, Iceman, Beast and Marvel Girl - and trains them to use their unique genetic gifts for the betterment of mankind! Reprints #1-10 of the original X-Men volume. Contains the origin and first adventures of the X-Men!
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