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Grimm Fairy Tales #113
26 pages | 33.8 мb.

Tags: Grimm Fairy Tales Kiera Carmen Lance Mary Sela
STARTING POINT - a new journey begins! For the second year in a secret Acre starts and two new students are welcomed into the fold. Lance, a young knight with an epic destiny, and Maria, a young woman who controls the living dead, must find its place in the mystery of Acre and the impending evil makes them feed their evil plans!
Fatale Vol.4 - Pray For Rain
Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll, and ritual murderers all collide in the most bizarre and fascinating volume Fatale yet. A strange woman without memory stumbles in life struggling grunge band in the mid-90s Seattle ... She their muse? Will it save them from the "one-hit wonder" status? Or it will be something much worse, especially since there's a
Fatale Vol.5 - Curse the Demon
The final book in the Ed Brubaker and bestselling horror-noir epic Sean Phillips. Secrets of the Immortal Femme Fatale and her opponent taped to their final explosive confrontation. Collects Fatale # 20-24.
Fatale #19
29 pages | 41.9 мb.

Tags: Fatale Bishop Josephine Lance Nicolas Lash
Rock-n-roll, robbery, and ritual murder collide in 90 Seattle as a fourth arc FATALE concludes crushing ... and the secret identity of modern assistant Nick disclosed. He is who he claims that?
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