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125 pages | 170.5 мb.

Tags: Memetic Aaron Marcus James Tynion IV
What’s to Love: Memetic is truly an event comic, and a wholly unique take on the disaster genre. Much like his work on The Woods, writer James Tynion IV—with the help of fantastic newcomer Eryk Donovan (The House in the Wall)—brings horror to a whole new generation of fans of J-horror films like Uzumaki and The Ring. Plus, Memetic was

Memetic (2015)

Publisher: Boom
Mrs. Deadpool and the Howling Commandos #04
The battle royale between Shiklah and Dracula for the Monster Metropolis... Oh, and did we mention that Deadpool's ghost is in this series? Because he is. Like...since issue 1.
Mrs. Deadpool and the Howling Commandos #03
Shiklah and the Howling Commandos to go to WEIRDWORLD ... ... And have to fight your way through the temple Manticore! How to survive the wrath of the monster Metropolis Dracula?
Wasteland Vol.6 - The Enemy Within
The hit sci-fi western epic continues! After the Sand-Eater attack, the city of Newbegin is in turmoil as the Sunner rebellion gathers strength and Marcus seems to lose interest in the council. Follow the next six months through the eyes of Jakob, Skot, Yan, Dexus, and Golden Voice, with a chapter dedicated to each point of view in this latest
Wasteland Vol.3 - Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos
One hundred years after the world catastrophe, a change known as "Big Wet", Newbegin city faces its most dangerous challenge yet - Sand-Eaters army bent on destruction! Jacob joins the clock to protect the city, and the intrigue flight advice on how politics, religion, and explosives to combine participation, action-packed reading.
Wasteland Vol.1 - Cities in Dust
A hundred years after the Big Wet, Earth is broken, barren and sterile world where a few survivors struggle for survival. When Michael, scavenger bearing strange gifts, calls to the slums of the city of Providence, the consequences are devastating. Now citizens must cross a deadly wasteland to Newbegin, a nearby town, where the past meets the new
Wasteland Vol.9 - A Thousand Lies
150 pages | 211.9 мb.

Tags: Wasteland - A Thousand Lies Marcus Antony Johnston
The beginning of the end! Marcus has long dreamed that "everything ends in the fire", but even he did not expect this! As the city prepares to face his mysterious father, the intrigue of his closest advisers plots to kill Marcus ... but the Lord has a few secrets of the Founder of his own, and their discovery would bring the city to its knees!
Memetic #03
41 pages | 59.1 мb.

Tags: Memetic Aaron Marcus
The third day, finally upon us. As reduced team Marcus makes his final assault on the compound of a last-ditch alleged meme creator, Aaron comes to grips with his shocking loss and impending apocalypse.
Mechanical Knight #01
30 pages | 46.4 мb.

Tags: Mechanical Knight Hector Marcus
Fire from the sky When a massive fireball explodes above Losstaria, life Marcus, son of Hector smith sky changes forever. Marcus makes an incredible discovery that changes the fate of the kingdom.
Artful Daggers #15
20 pages | 23.3 мb.

Tags: Artful Daggers Arden Bishop Colin Marcus Piper
Arden and the bishop to meet face-to-face, while Piper and Marcus confront their trust issues, and Colin is taking a trip to see his boss.
The Returning #04
26 pages | 36.4 мb.

Tags: The Returning Beth Turner Marcus
Beth Turner lied, shot, and put through the ringer in her quest for answers. Now, in conclusion, Jason Starr and Andrea Mutti thriller, Beth learns the truth about his accident, and whether the mysterious man known as Marcus either friend or foe.
The Returning #3
26 pages | 39.1 мb.

Tags: The Returning Beth Marcus
As law enforcement agencies and the Federal Police to get closer to catching Marcus and Beth, Beth does not trust the man, and did not even hope for life after death can stop the horror that comes to the rest of the world ...
The Returning #2
27 pages | 39.2 мb.

Tags: The Returning Beth Marcus
Beth seemed there was nowhere to turn, until - a mysterious man who calls himself Markus seemingly coming to her rescue. Now, as they move through Indiana, Marcus not only claims to know why NDE victims resort to violence, but also information about the family house. But can he trust?
Hawkeye #18
24 pages | 29.7 мb.

Tags: Hawkeye Finch Kate Bishop Lucky Madame Masque Marcus
Kate enters the bottom of the greatest mystery in the universe Marvel right this very hot second: H who is that guy in the coat that seems to live in her cat food aisle? The answer may surprise you. Or maybe not, maybe you are super good this sort of thing. In any case, a simple study is consistent in a desperate race Kate to stay one step ahead
Adventures on the Planet of the Apes #01-11 Complete
From the hit-movie, the Planet of the Apes comes Marvel's Adventures on the Planet of the Apes!
Hawkeye #14
25 pages | 22.7 мb.

Tags: Hawkeye Finch Kate Bishop Lucky Marcus
WHAT has happened to Kate in the annual full-up to! This one has it all! Characters! Earth! History! Dialogue! Style! Value! Post! Worth a look! A little exposure! Fire! Arrows! Criminals! Neighbors! Large masses of water! Clients! Cops who do not care! A system that sacrifices some of the victims! Dog! In the broken city where cynicism and apathy
Wasteland #50
28 pages | 34.9 мb.

Tags: Wasteland Marcus Antony Johnston Oni Press 2014
FINAL ARC Newbegin continues! Streets district Artisian red with blood, as the search for branded man is about to end. All will be judged ... and many found wanting. Who will survive? Is there a mercy to the mysterious father of Marcus? And just how did this noble, in particular, is going to run out of town ...?
Wasteland #49
28 pages | 36 мb.

Tags: Wasteland Oni Press Jakob Marcus 2013
FINAL ARC Newbegin continues! Marcus retreats in the Security Council chamber, branded man wades through the disciples try to stop him, led by Jacob! Can I do something to slow it down? Jacob will survive this defense statement? And when Marcus and his father finally meet ... who wins?
Adventures On The Planet Of The Apes #01-11 Complete
From the hit movie Planet of the Apes comes to Marvel Adventures on Planet of the Apes!
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