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Captain America and The Falcon - Secret Empire #1 - TPB
The Secret Empire was rarely more secretive or empirical than in this classic arc that sets Cap against a conspiracy out to frame and replace him in the American mind! And pay close attention to the man behind the curtain (or mask, as the case may be)! Corruption and cover-ups conclude with Cap quitting the Avengers, paving the way for his days as
Captain America and the Falcon #01-14 Complete
He was his mentor, his leader and his friend. Now, Captain America takes on a new role in life ... Falcon pursuer! Sam Wilson went rogue and SHIELD Cap given just 24 hours to bring him here Breakneck action and intrigue combine Marvel style as - for the first time - "two Americas" best friends use their knowledge skills and tactics with each other
Captain America and The Falcon
Avenger. Activist. Geroya.Sokol always bridged two worlds that need to be saved. When the son of an old friend falls in with a gang, Sam Wilson must confront his past to save the future of the boy - but even a superhero can not save everyone. Rob Williams (Ghost Rider) and Rebekah Isaacs (DV8, MS. MARVEL) bring you a story of redemption, humanity
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