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Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks Vol.14

Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks Vol.14

Peter Parker has never been easy. When he encounters a ne'er-do-wells glove loves fiery guy, Morbius and the Wolf Man, you know what luck Parker at full strength - and you're in store for a first-class adventure Spider-Man! Participants: from teetering on the brink of madness after the death of his father - AKA Green Goblin - Harry Osborn goes to the far end and takes the mantle nemesis in the Spider. With his best friend to kill him, it's the tip of your seat encounter that will redefine the world Webslinger for decades to come. Plus: Tarantula debut; returns Punisher; and Mindworm, grizzly, Mr. Jackal and a pile on. This is yet another heaping helping of Spidey masterpieces! Collection of Amazing Spider-Man (1963) 132-142 #; Giant-Size Super-Heroes # 1 and Marvel Treasury Edition # 1.

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