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Captain America FCBD
Steve Rogers is returning to comics this May, and you can get your first taste on FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. This issue will get you caught up just in time for the release of Captain America: Steve Rogers #1, coming to comics later in May! Three Captain Americas fought shoulder-to-shoulder in AVENGERS: STANDOFF. Now, one rises to take his place at the
Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks Vol.6
The first brand-new Spider-Man Masterworks volume in 12 years debuts just in time for SPIDER-MAN 2! This action-packed volume collects an 'amazing' selection of Spidey tales by legends Stan Lee & John Romita Sr . Includes a four-part Doctor Octopus epic - plus appearances by the Kingpin , Ka-Zar, the Spider-Slayer , Captain Stacy and more! And an
Punisher - Year One #1-4 Complete
Origin Story of the Punisher Frank Castle, the series explain his background, what happened to his family and what got him started as The Punisher. Story- Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning.
Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks Vol.15
Peter Parker's life has never been easy, but it's difficult to turn for the worse when your dead girlfriend shows up on your doorstep. Oh, then there is what is known Parker luck, and it means that he does. This means that the spider, you have been cloned! Amazing Spider-Man launches into the story line, which shocked the world of comics!
Daredevil vs Punisher #01-06 Complete
It's wall to wall by David Lapham (bullets) in the Eisner Award winner and indie sensation of writing, pencils and paints the two biggest icons of Marvel! Daredevil and Punisher are fighting for the soul of Hell's Kitchen half of the underworld on the East Coast - in the chaos, as Wilson Fisk, Kingpin of Crime, was overthrown, the fight for a shot
Marvel Knights - Spider-Man #04
99 Problems Spiderman concede one big - Craven, Hunter! With countless lives on the line, Peter Parker can outsmart him myusterious kidnappers to win their freedom? Matt Kindt (Mind MGMT) and Marco Rudy (Swamp Thing) continue most TRIPPY trip this year through the madness!
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