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Uncanny Avengers #18.NOW
"Avenge the earth" Part One Welcome to Planet X, the new mutant home where all right-thinking that you have the mutant gene! Janet Van Dine, Wasp, is the last person being alive, zealously pursued Magneto and his All-New X-Force and their campaign "No More People" and reserved man, Havok! Witness the fate of the Uncanny Avengers - who survived the
What If - Dr. Doom had become the Thing #01
How could a strong member of the Fantastic Four also be their deadliest enemy? At first glance minor decision made long before the FF even existed, might have changed everything for the World Greatest Super -Team, Victor Von Doom ... and even the Incredible Hulk ! And that's just the beginning ... This Space Victor Von Doom up in a spaceship
Before the Fantastic Four - Reed Richards #01-03 Complete
What was the life of Reed Richards ' , as he had previously acquired its fabulous stretching abilities? It was still fantastic ! Follow the intrepid young scientist Reed Richards on globe-spanning journey on a quest to find the mysterious Talon Bast , ancient artifact amazing power ! There 's just one catch , he's not the only one looking for him.
Uncanny Avengers #17
Conclusion Ragnarok Now! Avengers Assemble! But it's too late? Revenge of the twins at Caen is completed, but at what cost? Planet X is born!
The Last Avengers Story (TPB)
They are all-new team banded together to fight against evil and injustice, which bears the name of its predecessors. They are not the strongest, but they are the only hope in the final battle against the greatest enemies of mankind. It is about ...
The Last Avengers Story #01-02 Complete
Time has passed for powerful Earth's heroes , and many of the famous Avengers of silver and bronze ages passed sadly resigned or died in battle. But many of the old Avengers villains are still around and in one fell swoop they destroy the current Avengers with nuclear weapons. After Ultron- 59 threatens Hank Pym and Wasp , Hank knows that he must
Iron Man - Fatal Frontier #04
Iron Man: Moon Sheriff! After being rescued from the drummer, Tony finds himself responsible for a new city on the moon! But the past will come back to haunt him and Tony to condemn the new society?
Marvel Universe - Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes #13
ASSEMBLE Avengers to face down DOOM! In case of special guest stars Fantastic Four, the Avengers Mansion becomes a target for the diabolical Dr. Doom and his minions! Hit DisneyXD Serial bursts from the screen and in your hands, like a mighty heroes of Earth to take their most radical positions!
A+X #17
Nominirovannyj premium Emmy writer Jeff Loveness by Jimmy Kimmel Live! show debuts Marvel! Paco Diaz (Wolverine: Г‚PONII MOST WANTED) joins Jeff for mating history of Iron Man and the fan-favorite X-STUDENT Broo! Part 5 of this history captain america + Ciklop Jerry Duggan (Deadpool) and Adrina David (X-Factor).

A+X #17 (2014)

Publisher: Marvel
New Avengers #14
Meet the cartographers, mapmakers Apocalypse. Doctor Strange sells his soul. Reed Richards and the Illuminati to revive the old relationship.
FF #16
Invasion of Latveria: Games! Four stand replacement characters and a dozen children against Dr. Doom, now transformed into ultimate power in the universe: Doom annihilating the Conqueror! What is the run of the blocks! Game over, man! Game Over!

FF #16 (2014)

Publisher: Marvel
Fantastic Four #16
FINAL ISSUE! Fantastic Four are ... Doomed! Dr. Doom has taken over power and Kang Annihilus and supreme ruler of the whole world. Good news: it's Doomed Universe. Bad news: our universe is next. The only people in his way are the Fantastic Four and Fantastic Four ...! Eight Elements Challenge Conqueror annihilating fate with the fate of infinite
Ravage 2099 #01-33 Complete
33 issues pages | 315.3 мb.

Tags: Ravage 2099 Doctor Doom Hela (Tiana)
The comic follows the adventures of Ravage in the year 2099.
Marvel Universe - Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes #09
Action Earth Mightiest off limits and Disney XD in your hands! FIRST! Faced with deadly meteorite scaling to Earth, The Mighty Thor can not save the day - only stronger MS. MARVEL can! THEN - This is an international espionage at its best, as the Black Widow and Wasp team to take down Doctor Doom!
Iron Man - Fatal Frontier #10
85 pages | 71.3 мb.

Tags: Iron Man - Fatal Frontier Doctor Doom Iron Man
Doom on the moon! Doctor Doom used his magic to imprison Tony after removing it from his armor during their bout in moontown Prosperity Gorge. But is this really the end for Iron Man?
FF #15
Invasion of Latveria: Games! Four stand replacement characters and a dozen children against Dr. Doom, now transformed into ultimate power in the universe: Doom annihilating the Conqueror! What is the run of the blocks! Game over, man! Game Over!

FF #15 (2014)

Publisher: Marvel
Fantastic Four #15
Doomed! Part 3: Elements of War Fantastic Four fight to stop the plague destroying their molecular powers and authorities. Standing between them and treatment: Deadly Force, Army their greatest enemies, led by one of the F4 who betrayed their own! Their only allies: other Fantastic Four! Meanwhile, Doctor Doom, Kang, and Annihilus come to meeting
Iron Man - Fatal Frontier #09
Moon war! After the abolition of residential clearance Latveria to the moon, Tony Stark has already started the war? With an army combat Doombots Drummer, Doctor Doom - posing as one of their robots - stripped of his armor, Tony and asked to talk. Tony can save the day without his armor?
Iron Man - Fatal Frontier #08
Death! Tony was able to kick his old mentor, Eli Warren, from the Moon, leaving one less major player in search Phlogistone. But at the same time, he showed the location of dangerous element to his nemesis, Dr. Doom! With a brutal dictator is doing everything possible to get some of his own Phlogistone makes Tony even a chance?
Uncanny Avengers #14
How Avengers must die to stop Apocalypse Twins?! Wolverine can not humanity. Deyken has his revenge. Wanda recognized his true love. Grim Reaper has his revenge. Painful and desperate story of betrayal, love, revenge and sacrifice.
Nova #10
100th anniversary special room! Big changes for Sam Alexander in the supersonic supersized 100th issue! Guest despite new New Warriors! And as if that was not enough, new, you also get a bonus story from the new regular writer Gerry Duggan new!

Nova #10 (2014)

Publisher: Marvel
Doctor Voodoo - Avenger of the Supernatural #01-05 Complete
Launching from the pages of New Avengers, Jericho Drumm assumes the role of Marvel's new Sorcerer Almighty Dr. VOODOO! The series lasted only 5 questions with one special name Doctor Voodoo: Origin of Jericho Drumm.
2099 Sketchbook
Advertising sketchbook for Marvel 2099 line. Can be ordered by mail with coupons printed in the monthly books of the time in 2099.
Fantastic Four #14
In Condemned universe! Imagine a place where only five things, the survivors are the Fantastic Four ... and Doctor Doom! How can they save the galaxy used to fuel space empire power-mad to think? And after the shocking end of the issue last month, the first family can hold it together just a little longer?
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