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The Last Avengers Story #01-02 Complete

The Last Avengers Story #01-02 Complete

Time has passed for powerful Earth's heroes , and many of the famous Avengers of silver and bronze ages passed sadly resigned or died in battle. But many of the old Avengers villains are still around and in one fell swoop they destroy the current Avengers with nuclear weapons. After Ultron- 59 threatens Hank Pym and Wasp , Hank knows that he must try to surround the old Avengers and any other available characters for one final battle , and although most of them are not as powerful as it once was . Fortunately, Cannonball , the Human Torch , Bomb , Hotshot, and the daughter of She-Hulk respond to the challenge Hank to gather , while lowering Mockingbird , Hawkeye and Mr. Fantastic can not help due to the constant disability. However, before Hank is ready to participate Ultron , Kang , eccentric, and Grim Reaper, it must add another former Avenger to your team ... Vision ! Middle age group will be able to recapture the magic characters and score the most improbable victory?

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