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Iron Man 2020 #1
64 pages | 31 мb.

Tags: Iron Man 2020 Arno Stark Brain Gears Garvin
In a not so distant tomorrow, Arno Stark, the Iron Man of the year 2020, prepares to launch the new heliliner, the Spirit of Free Enterprise…but Commodore Q wants to stop it. Who is he…and what are the Endless Stolen Skies?
Death's Head #01-10 Complete
10 issues pages | 136.8 мb.

Tags: Death's Head Iron Man 2020 Dicemen
The first Death's Head series, published by Marvel UK. Although the series lasted for only 10 issues, it was somewhat of a cult hit. In 1992 Death's Head II was published. a huge hit for a few months.
Iron Man #19
"IRON METROPOLITAN" PART TWO! Pepper meets P.E.P.P.E.R. Uh-oh. Pepper discovers a secret family, Tony. A different kind Oh-oh. Inauguration of the nucleus of Troy, Iron Metropolitan Tony Mandarin-City. What could go wrong?
Uncanny Avengers #14
How Avengers must die to stop Apocalypse Twins?! Wolverine can not humanity. Deyken has his revenge. Wanda recognized his true love. Grim Reaper has his revenge. Painful and desperate story of betrayal, love, revenge and sacrifice.
Iron Man #17
Nothing will ever be the same! MORE mind-blowing revelations of "secret origin of Tony Stark," concludes! What 451 did not. What Tony does not know. What changes things FOREVER.
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