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Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks Vol.12

Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks Vol.12

Tension victims adventure comics' most put-upon super hero Spider-Man, continue in another round of classic Marvel Masterpieces! Stan Lee begins his one of his wildest creations of all time, Gibbon. And when that is combined with animal Baddy vengeful Kraven Hunter-well it is enough excitement to give the hero the plague-and it does! Then, between a pretty gal words of Peter and Aunt Gwen could push his doting aunt of his life in his hands, octopus! Doc Ock returns do in Spidey, but Hammerhead, only gangster with a lot of steel in his dome than a gun, fighting a war for territory, to take over the city, it's open season on spiders! Always a man of the people, Spider reveals fraud in mayoral candidate who is not quite what it seems . Let's just say, there is no doubt that Richard Reilly put the 'action' in politics, all right? And topping it comes knuckle busting, knockdown, drag-out fight between Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk, this is one for the ages !

Collection of Amazing Spider-Man # 110-120.

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