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Loki - Agent of Asgard #04
23 pages | 36.1 мb.

Tags: Loki - Agent of Asgard, Kaluu, Loki, Sigurd
Ancient hero Sigurd wants his magic sword back from Loki ... All Mother wants Sigurd returned from Mydhard ... Loki ... I want to put a crew together for a caper that will rock the nine areas. Someone is going to get what they want.
Miles Morales - Ultimate Spider-Man #01
Part One of the biggest Spider-Man event of the year "Renaissance"! Mill back in action with the new status quo and a new outlook on life! This is a great, great villain from the past Peter Parker is alive and well and will soon turn New York upside down! The last page will be ULTIMATE Spider-Man fans SCREAMING! This question can not be
Deadpool Vs. Carnage #03
24 pages | 43.2 мb.

Tags: Deadpool Vs. Carnage, Carnage, Cletus Kasady, Deadpool
In this issue: Carnage kills people! Deadpool is coming apart at the seams, literally! Blood drips from every page!
Black Widow #06
24 pages | 21.6 мb.

Tags: Black Widow, Nathan Edmondson, Phil Noto
The person behind the attacks sitting alone on a dark and mysterious water can penetrate Natasha floating lair? The Power of Black Widow and the trick will be put to the test as she is on the trail of blood and destruction in the early ... This mission is too dangerous even for SHIELD
All-New X-Factor #07
One of the most outspoken leaders of the country ... antimutantov a mutant daughter? It's up to X-Factor, to save the girl from her father! Serval Industries brings to you characters need in any situation!
Archer Coe and the Thousand Natural Shocks #09
Can not figure out the truth, Archer Coe turns inward to a single person who he can trust: himself. He interrupted a phone call, however, from Hope someone could be in danger.
Archer Coe and the Thousand Natural Shocks #08
Hope offers Archer Coe ride home from the police station, suggesting that the two knew each other before she married Jack Midland. Archer does not remember any of it. Can I hope to play with his already fragile mind?
The Movement #12
22 pages | 47.5 мb.

Tags: The Movement, The Movement comics, Movement
THE MOVEMENT centers around a group of young people with extraordinary abilities, who take matters of justice into their own hands after the corrupt local police department is exposed. But how will the rest of the world react to these teens? And with so much power at their disposal, can they really be trusted to work towards a greater good? THE
Green Arrow #31
22 pages | 40.3 мb.

Tags: Green Arrow, Green, Arrow, Green Arrow comics
The owner of a large company "Queen Industries" Oliver Queen seems quite ordinary millionaire slacker. But few people know the opposite direction of his life. Green Arrow - a modern Robin Hood, protecting the innocent and the guilty kicking ass.
Earth 2 #23
21 pages | 50.6 мb.

Tags: Earth 2, new Earth 2, Earth 2 comics, dowload Earth 2
The first issue of the monthly series from author James Robinson and artist Nicola Scott! Special guests Alan Scott and Jay Garrick, and many more! Who are the heroes of "Earth 2" and what happened to them? May think that you know the "Earth 2" ... but that 52 new items from DiSi Comics, here anything can happen! Do not miss the debut extended

Earth 2 #23 (2014)

Publisher: DC
Batman Eternal #5
First Batman Eternal series was announced during the recent Comic-Con New York, where the publisher has shared information with fans about the new project . It was stated that will oversee the ongoing directly Scott Snyder, a team of writers and artists will be changed periodically . Such a rotation is a common practice for such weekly series. On
2000AD 1880
30 pages | 28,3 мb.

Tags: 2000AD, Rebellion, Phil Winslade
More SF barnstorming thrill of Eisner nominated anthology UK! Secrets of a mysterious section of the Ministry of Justice revealed in 7 Judge Dredd: Mega-City Confidential; Then future LAWMAN rash tackle from shooting spree in 'shooters night; Celtic barbarian Slaine crosses the causeway to the island terrifying Monadh manslaughter; The number of
Teen Titans Go! #7
91 pages | 45.3 мb.

Tags: Teen Titans Go, Teen Titans Go comics, Teen Titans
When Starfire team signed up for the popular reality show, "Jump City Got Your Talent right here!" Robin becomes obsessed to show the world how talented these Teen Titans really are!
Turok – Dinosaur Hunter #4
The main character - redskin Turk - falls into a lost world, pulled out of our time, which runs all the villain Campaigner, hope to seize an ancient artifact called Chronoscepter. With it Kampeyner intends to get into our world and, of course, to capture it.
Veil #3
26 pages | 56.3 мb.

Tags: Veil, Veil comics, Toni Fejzula, Dark Horse Comics
A beautiful girl wakes up in an abandoned subway station with no memory of how she got there. When men try to hurt her... they wind up dead. Where did she come from? And what is she capable of? An all-new series from Eisner Award-winning writer Greg Rucka! A surprising new heroine from the creator of Lazarus and Queen and Country!
Hinterkind #07
22 pages | 50.8 мb.

Tags: Hinterkind, Prosper, Queen Telsche, Ian Edginton
Buried under the ground in the city of ghosts, Prosper must make a difficult decision in their lives. Meanwhile, the knives, the killers move in for the Queen Telsche and Malachi, the Red Knight.
Terminator Salvation - The Final Battle #6
A-listers J. Michael Straczynski and Pete Woods unite for the biggest Terminator stories ever! Jumping between the future and the past, this sweeping, epic question twelve counts end war machine, but not one fans expect! Everything is at stake, and the fate of John Connor and Skynet will be told!
Grindhouse - Doors Open at Midnight #8
References: overrated. Moral: Consumables . Today is the right one for some over-the- top sex and violence ! Bringing a taste of midnight movie exploitation comics, Grindhouse delivers four to two questions Gore operas , beginning with "B Vixens from Mars ," pitting one-eyed southern lusty Latina deputy against alien chicks committed lay their


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