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The Crow - Death and Rebirth #01-04
“Death and Rebirth,” Part 1. THE CROW is reborn—in Tokyo. Can a dark spirit fight for the light? THE CROW has always done just that—striking from the shadows, a kind of shadow himself. The spirit of the Crow is back, transfiguring Jamie Osterberg, an American studying in Tokyo and deeply in love with his Japanese girlfriend, Yumi… until
The Crow - Pestilence
101 pages | 199.5 мb.

Tags: The Crow - Pestilence Salvador The Crow
Juarez Meksika.Molodoy boxer, El Salvador, refuses to take the fall, but has no problem taking out a vicious gang of drug addicts. When they take their deadly revenge on El Salvador and his family, he returned in a straight line, looking for revenge ... and forgiveness.
The Crow - Curare #3
29 pages | 80.7 мb.

Tags: The Crow Curare idw The Crow Curare
Retired Detroit police officer Joe Salk was a good cop, but then his daughter was killed and his wife left him because of his obsession to find her killers. Now retired and in solitude, his need for revenge may just be helped by his missing daughter, returned and authorized the spirit of vengeance, a crow
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