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Optimus Prime #11
With Optimus Prime embroiled in the FIRST STRIKE event, the Autobots on Earth set off on a mission to find one of their own—before anti-Cybertronian humans get to him first!
New Mutants Vol.2 - Necrosha
Died just will not stay dead. Past New Mutants "comes to haunt them as Necrosha hits home. Selena Master Plan busts of pages X-FORCE and the New Mutants. In addition, that Rasputin to Juliana? Emma Frost is not going to dwell on this question being answered. collection of new mutants # 6-10 and material from X NECROSHA.
The Brave and the Bold Vol.3 #01-35 Complete
Team up for DC Universe. Featured characters include Batman , Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Supergirl , Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes), Lobo, Legion of Superheroes , Wonder Woman, Power Girl, Flash ( Wally West ) , the death of Patrol, Metal Men , the Blackhawks , Dial H for Hero , Boy Commandos, atom ( Ryan Choi ) , Hawkman , Aquaman , the Teen Titans,
Firestar #01-04 Complete
This is a limited edition with four issue Firestar originally appeared in Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends cartoon series . This is a prequel that depicts the events before and after the first in -continuity appearance of Firestar in Uncanny X-Men # 193. This mini-series sets a much darker approach than the animated series that tells the sad
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