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Transformers - Regeneration One Vol.1
The TRANSFORMERS comic that began it all-is back. With a vengeance! 21 years have passed since CYBERTRON was restored to its former glory, and finally there is peace. But, after millions of years of bitter civil war, can all ever truly be one? Transformers Regeneration One picks up directly after the original Marvel Comics series that ended with
Transformers - Last Stand of the Wreckers Collected Edition
The Unthinkable has happened: the rogue Decepticon OVERLORD has taken over the Autobots' maximum security prison, Garrus-9, and turned everything on its head. Autobots are now prisoners and Decepticons ae now guards, and all of them are part of a grotesque experiment. Enter THE WRECKERS. Nine robots, one purpose: turn up and start shooting. In
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