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Strange Nation #05
21 pages | 24.6 мb.

Tags: Strange Nation, Jesse, Norma Park, Patti, Victor
Norm and Jessie face consequences of the destruction of the Duma Corp in Sydsville, as Norma faces the toughest decision of his life. Plus: Patty and Victor, cheap wine and shady vans!
Headspace #01
29 pages | 45.8 мb.

Tags: Headspace, Shane, Ryan K Lindsay
Carpenter Cove residents discover their quaint town actually design in the minds of killers. Shane, the sheriff wants to return to his real life, but one dark connection between him and the killer is going to make him rethink everything.
Edison Rex #14
21 pages | 19.8 мb.

Tags: Edison Rex, L.A.R.V.A., Chris Roberson
Edison assistance is a charitable foundation that provides assistance and support anywhere in the world, whether a threat of a natural disaster or an alien invasion. But who are the men and women who fill the ranks of the organization Edison Rex. And what they do in their spare time?
Anti-Hero #07
15 pages | 17.4 мb.

Tags: Anti-Hero, Paragon, Rainshadow
Learn the secret origin of Rainshadow. His tragic story may be a cautionary tale for Henry.
The Remains #01
27 pages | 47.5 мb.

Tags: The Remains, Abigail, Birdie
"Dead rats danced day hired man came to his senses . " Birdie and her younger sister Abigail struggles to live on a farm. Their mother was a few months pregnant and the father suffers from crippling rheumatism. When you see an itinerant farm laborer , children must be released. Instead, they find their lives turn into a nightmare. Hired a person
D4VE #03
24 pages | 40.1 мb.

Tags: D4VE, Ryan Ferrier, Valentin Ramon Menendez
While K'Laar initiate "phase 2," D4VE intends to collect his old team defense bot. Nothing can prepare D4VE his greatest nightmare even though, in the form of an impromptu performance review.
Go-Getters #01
24 pages | 32.1 мb.

Tags: Go-Getters, George Harrison, Maya Diaz
Maya Diaz and her "pet" white gorilla, George Harrison, run search company: GoGetters search, Inc Need something removed, be it a person, a rare coin, cocktail jacket or genetic engineering clown panda? You call them. Hired to retrieve only the legal Double Eagle coins in existence, Maya and George are numerically contested fight thugs and hoping
Amelia Cole and the Enemy Unleashed #01
Omega company is on its last legs, but struggles on! Amelia must confront his superiors, and put her growing career as a defender on the line! Blast from the events of the Hidden War, Amelia Cole This Issue 13 - Amelia Cole and enemy UNLEASHED Part 1!
Kinski #04
26 pages | 30.2 мb.

Tags: Kinski, Joe, Gabriel Hardman
With Kinski lost in a seemingly endless RV park, Joe must track down a puppy before he incur the wrath of the locals.
Amazing Forest #03
Collection of the greatest stories ever told. Tales for the brave. Ideas for strange. Evil concepts, stir the minds of those with darkness in their hearts. Modern anthology that lends itself to a time when stories were short and ugly. Author Eric Freitas & Ulises Farinas, every other comic drawn amazingly talented artist, each lending their unique
Subatomic Party Girls #03
Tonight there's gonna be a jailbreak - somewhere on the other side of the universe! Evil Boss has Drixly beryllium steel where he wants them, trapped in his mind a terrific memory maze, but do not expect more from the girls! There's an opportunity to escape, but who (or what) ... is Gregasus? Find out in "BREAKOUT!"
Prime-8s #02
18 pages | 35 мb.

Tags: Prime-8s, Science Fiction, Superhero, Suspense
Greatest Dane and his sidekick Pugglist, go on stage, throwing an ultimatum on our masked vigilantes: Reveal your personality, or else! Meanwhile, power Mandrill story involves Prime-8, and a shocking secret is revealed.
Knuckleheads #05
21 pages | 35.9 мb.

Tags: Knuckleheads, Emma, Trevor K. Trevinski
Crystal Fist already crapped out, just when Trev needs its power most! Can he continue to keep a pair of dining verbose, armed, baleen robbers?
Code Monkey Save World #03
Code Monkey joins Skullcrusher monsters and villainy LLC subsidiaries in the hope of saving his office crush Matilde Laura Robo from the clutches of the queen. But who said Mathilde really need to save? Shocking revelations await you at Chiron Beta Centauri!
Theremin #04
17 pages | 29.1 мb.

Tags: Theremin, Curt Pires
Eventually every creation myth becomes a resurrection narrative.
Red Light Properties #08 - Golden Palms Part II
20 pages | 34.1 мb.

Tags: Red Light Properties, monkeybrain Comics
Image capture camera on the spiritual Zoe has scared everyone in the room. But the fact that it shows the development of Judah takes on another shaman as art ... if it survives the process. Join Red Light District Properties as they earn a number of new bands in custody "Golden Palms."
Copernicus Jones - Robot Detective #01
Heavily in debt, and with collectors breathing down his neck, stainless steel, Copernicus takes what seems like a simple case that promises a huge jackpot. It turns out that it's not easy. Figures.
High Crimes #6
23 pages | 32.2 мb.

Tags: High Crimes, Zan Jensen
19,000 feet above sea level and more than 10,000 leave, Zan Jensen locked in deadly game of cat and mouse through avalanches and ledopadov. With all its attractions snap into climbing Zan has manipulated one partner to another or risk to save all of them end up as more dead monuments on Mount Everest.
Strange Nation #4
43 pages | 32.7 мb.

Tags: Strange Nation, Jesse, Merc, Norma Park
Jesse vs Merc! Favorite septugenarian Universal squares off against each favorite Sasquatch in a vicious battle on the roof. Plus: Norma headed home, where she meets the mysterious and unexpected news tip.

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