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Code Monkey Save World #04
Humanity faces the greatest threat as Bob zombie minions launch their latest attack - but the code monkey Skullcrusher and returned back to Earth to fight Robo Queen on Chiron Beta Centauri! Who is a hero? Who is the villain? Where souls Code Monkey? And what does curling have to do with all this? Great finish you all! Do not miss it!
Code Monkey Save World #03
Code Monkey joins Skullcrusher monsters and villainy LLC subsidiaries in the hope of saving his office crush Matilde Laura Robo from the clutches of the queen. But who said Mathilde really need to save? Shocking revelations await you at Chiron Beta Centauri!
Code Monkey Save World #02
When the office crush Code Monkey was kidnapped Laura Robo Queen, it seemed a smart move to team up with the most ruthless supervillain in the world to save her. But supervillain partner Code Monkey has some shocking secrets of his own, which throw the whole plan is in danger! Due to the origin of Skullcrusher! A secret history of Code Monkey!
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