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Captain Universe - The Hero Who Could Be You! #1
Captain Universe has joined the Avengers! But who - or what - is this cosmic hero? In times of crisis, the Enigma Force manifests, empowering an innocent bystander to avert the catastrophe! See Captain Universe touch the lives of an astronaut, twin sisters, a burglar, a troubled teen, a toddler, Spider-Man's college professor...and a dog?! It's an
Captain Midnight Vol.5 -  Lost Time
156 pages | 205.6 мb.

Tags: Captain Midnight Captain Dark Horse Midnight
After the capture of the technovillain Tempus, it’s time to rebuild the town of Nightshade, raising it up from its fiery ruin. Captain Midnight struggles to acclimate to a future that needs a hero now more than ever, but his allies are forcing his hand in an effort to track down his friend turned enemy, Chuck Ramsey—the man who killed his
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