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Edison Rex Vol.1
119 pages | 126.7 мb.

Tags: Edison Rex Valiant Chris Roberson
Collects Edison Rex # 1-6! Edison Rex smartest person in the world, criminal mastermind, and arch nemesis greatest defender in the world, Valiant. Devoting his life by defeating Valiant and prove once and for all that he is a threat to humanity, not the hero, what would Edison do when he finally manages? And Valiant out of the way, who will remain
Artful Daggers #16
20 pages | 23.8 мb.

Tags: Artful Daggers Adam P. Knave Sean E. Williams
The truth about The Boss is finally revealed!
The Double Life of Miranda Turner #04
The case went all kinds of crazy down in the theater, where Miranda rehearsing for her debut on stage. Actress suffers from the rapid aging, and now the director has turned into a mad hippo. Can a cat get to the bottom of all the bad events? And how is it connected to the death of Linda's sister?
Tally Marks #05
37 pages | 33.6 мb.

Tags: Tally Marks Natalie Nourigat
Travel sketches from Paris, Strasbourg, London and Amiens. This question has scenes of Paris, in the spring, in the thylacine, sneakers and stuffed animals.
Tally Marks #03
31 pages | 34 мb.

Tags: Tally Marks Natalie Nourigat
Travel sketches from Paris, London, Amiens, Abbeville, Saint-Valery, Le Bois-de-Cise and Valberg. This question is Boxing Day shoppers, clubbers and rockabilly celebrity Speed-drawings!
Tally Marks #02
31 pages | 32.3 мb.

Tags: Tally Marks Natalie Nourigat
Travel sketches from Paris, Geneva, St. Malo, and Lyon. Tally draws everything from real-life swing dancers dummy astronauts.
Tally Marks #01
32 pages | 33.9 мb.

Tags: Tally Marks Natalie Nourigat
Travel sketches from Brooklyn, the French countryside and Florence. Do not miss Tully impressions from Brooklyn skaters, Michelangelo's David, geriatric beach-goers, and the giant French bullets.
High Crimes #08
24 pages | 37.2 мb.

Tags: High Crimes Haskell Price Zan Jensen
Reeling from the thinning atmosphere and the death of his friend, Zan Jensen closer than she ever had in her dreams summit of Mount Everest. As she tries to figure out how to keep Haskell, myself and treasure map secrets buried in the body Sullivan Mars, it ran a race with strange agents is even deadlier turn into nightmare territory.
Kinski #06
28 pages | 29.7 мb.

Tags: Kinski monkeybrain Comics
Wander - Olive Hopkins and the Ninth Kingdom #04
Olive takes a bath, origin Longfellow opened, and the boy king impressive. Lance idiot, but with good reason.
Tally Marks #04
41 pages | 44.8 мb.

Tags: Tally Marks Natalie Nourigat
Travel notes from Paris, Valberg, Amiens, Lyon, Nice and Angouleme. This question is public displays of passion, Jules Verne House, and fashionable Parisian runners!
BOO! Halloween Stories #01
Creeps and Ghoulies Last year preparing for a new round of creepy stories so frightening you'll have to say BOO! Eleven all-new story, Pinups, and more, including the chance to win a page of original art!
The Fallen #04
19 pages | 28.2 мb.

Tags: The Fallen Liz Ray Sam
Very few places actually managed to thrive since the first years after the pulse, but Marston is one of them. When Sam, Liz and Ray come to the city, it is an opportunity to relax and reenergise to quickly go again ... but that's not enough for one of them. And internal division not only threat facing the three survivors, because as grown Marston,
Kinski #05
29 pages | 33.8 мb.

Tags: Kinski Joe Gabriel Hardman
Will Joe finally admit defeat? Losing their jobs and Kinski back in the hands of each Holly, his prospects look bleak. But the prospects Kinski or darker?
Amazing Forest #06
22 pages | 39.1 мb.

Tags: Amazing Forest Ulises Farinas Zac Crockett
A collection of the greatest stories ever told. Tales for the brave. Ideas for the country. Evil thing to stir the minds of those with darkness in their hearts. Modern anthology that lends itself to a time when stories were short and ugly. Author Eric Freitas and Ulises Farinas, every other comic drawn amazingly talented artist, each lending their
Night of the Red Panda #05
Brand new, awkward pulp adventure Awesome Two of Toronto! This question: "Dance of the Dead pt. 1 of 2" When August Fenwick takes a charity ball, he is swarmed by reanimated dead without bright red domino mask or plucky sidekick in sight! But maybe Keith Baxter really be far behind? Plus two more serials chapters of the novel in prose pulp
Heartbreakers #06
10 pages | 14.7 мb.

Tags: Heartbreakers Anina Bennett
Outnumbered and outgunned by the advancing troops Biovoc, so Heartbreakers can not afford genetic studies professor Sorenson to get into the hands of the enemy - even if it requires sacrifice. This shocking conclusion to the second story arc of the series drew astonished letters from readers when first published.
Artful Daggers #15
20 pages | 23.3 мb.

Tags: Artful Daggers Arden Bishop Colin Marcus Piper
Arden and the bishop to meet face-to-face, while Piper and Marcus confront their trust issues, and Colin is taking a trip to see his boss.
Copernicus Jones - Robot Detective #05
Copernicus takes unwanted hook to the police headquarters, and in the process he cracked Windstone entire case wide open.

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