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Uncanny X-Men #21
Cyclops Revolution goes ahead! Who is the mysterious figure construction Guardians for SHIELD? Find out what happened to Dazzler Mystique took her down back in Uncanny X-Men # 9!
Magik (Illyana and Storm Limited Series) #01-04 Complete
Magik: The Tempest and Juliana Juliana tells the story of Rasputin, the younger sister of X-Man Colossus, her quest to get away from the demon sorcerer Belasko of Mizhprostorovoho pocket area known as Limbo, and expression of mutant ability to teleport.
Uncanny X-Men #20
Cyclops and his revolutionary X-Men take on the SHIELD! They are closer to finding those responsible for SHIELD by police who had killed them, but are in even greater danger!
All-New X-Factor #06
Reunions and it feels so bad?? It's X-Factor and Cypher vs Chernoknyzhnyk! Serval Industries brings you super team you can count on!
Uncanny X-Men #15.INH
Inhumanity tie-in! Ladies in Uncanny X-Men to leave the city and find yourself face to face with the consequences of inhumanity. Wait, is that Kitty Pryde with Uncanny X-Men?!?! Rising star Chris ANCA (cover uncanny X-FORCE, all-new X-MEN SPECIAL) comes in as a guest soloist for this special issue!
All New X-Men #19
X-Men shocked to the core at the Battle of the Atom. So much that we can not show you the cover of the all-new X-Men # 19! Kitty Pryde particularly impressed crossover event X-Men. With her ​​students have gone that Kitty do?
Mystic Arcana #01-04 Complete
Part of a magical event that lasts for ages. Jan Makni would be Sorcerer Supreme , but was defeated by Stephen Strange (MARVEL FANFARE # 6). Now a collector of magical and bizarre artifacts in the Lower East Side of New York, he is on a dangerous quest for four items that he thinks will keep a crazed Ancient Egyptian priest on Sunday. This issue ,
Wolverine and the X-Men #37
X-Men: BATTLE OF ATOM, Part 8! Wolverine, who has just lost his healing factor, takes a mortal hit! And the surprise ending that things are changing in the X-Men event of 2013!
X-Men - Legacy #18
The final battle between the Legion and the X-Men! David faces off against his father's killer - but Cyclops and Emma Frost's telepathic still have some tricks up his sleeve! With two of the most formidable opponents of the last of David added to this volatile mix, it is a victory beyond his comprehension?
X-Men - Black Sun #01-05 Complete
The demon known as the Belasco lit the way around the world searching for the legendary Blood . With it, he can open the dimensional portal , allowing all Limbaugh pour into our world ! Enter the Storm , Banshee, Sunfire, Colossus , Night , Wolverine and the new mutant who took the namesake of Thunderbird! But even this command (which is first
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