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Iron Man Special #01
Continuing the story from June's Uncanny X-Men number 1 SPECIAL Iron Man returns to space scores, but eventually caught up with the runaway Uncanny X-Men! Their paths cross in pursuit of the Cyclops, who has been kidnapped by a mysterious n'er do wells. All this and a guest star NOVA human ROCKET!
Uncanny X-Men #22
The war between the Uncanny X-Men and SHIELD heated! Can Cyclops and his team track down the source of this new brand of watch? And it S.H.I.E.L.D. really behind these attacks?
Uncanny X-Men Special #01
Uncanny X-Men, Iron Man and NOVA CROSS OVER! Cyclops kidnapped, but who? But what power can bring Children atom armored Avenger and Human Rocket together!
All-New X-Men #27
Brotherhood of Evil Mutants from the "Battle of the Atom" back and still hunting for new X-Men! Jean Grey returned differs from her trial. What does this mean for the rest of X-Men?
Wolverine Vol.6 #04
Evil lurks in the heart of the wolf as a man! Why leave Logan Jean Grey School? Your answers here! Paul Cornell (Wolverines) and Ryan Stegman (SUPERIOR Spider-Man) to close the first arc of the world's most dangerous mutant!
Uncanny X-Men #19.NOW
The next stage in humanity here, and Uncanny X-Men are on the way! From the original X-Man Cyclops at the helm of the revolution, Emma Frost, Magic and the new generation of mutants to protect and nurture all gay soldiers atom as wonderful! But after a relentless pursuit of the society that fears and hates them, Uncanny X-Men are going to attack!
Uncanny X-Men #18
Cyclops finds himself in serious trouble. Who Scott Summers at gunpoint?
Uncanny X-Men #14
The effects of X-MEN: The Battle for ATOM felt! Magneto goes on a personal mission that sets him at odds with most of the X-Men and the Marvel Universe. New school Xavier changed, but how?
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