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Aquila Vol.1 - Blood of the Iceni
He was one of the rebellious gladiator-slaves crucified by the Romans for being part of Spartacus' uprising, and in his dying moments he called out to the gods for vengeance. Something heard him, and brought him back from the dead in exchange for his soul. He is Aquila, and his is now the unstoppable instrument of Ammit the Devourer, who hungers
All-New X-Factor #19
It was supposed to be a simple mission for the team: go to another country at war with its neighbor, open tunnels that the enemy has created and get rid of them. Unfortunately things went very wrong, and now a vengeful Egyptian goddess was released, and the first people she targeted X-Factor.
Mystic Arcana #01-04 Complete
Part of a magical event that lasts for ages. Jan Makni would be Sorcerer Supreme , but was defeated by Stephen Strange (MARVEL FANFARE # 6). Now a collector of magical and bizarre artifacts in the Lower East Side of New York, he is on a dangerous quest for four items that he thinks will keep a crazed Ancient Egyptian priest on Sunday. This issue ,
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