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Airboy - Deadeye #01-05
5 issues pages | 70.3 мb.

Tags: Airboy - Deadeye Airboy Adolf Hitler The Heap Valkyrie
World War Two is over, but Airboy's work isn't done! Davy Nelson, the teenaged fighting ace known to the world as Airboy, returns to the skies in this brand new limited series! Using his miraculous plane, Birdy, Davy finds and defeats a Japanese air ace holding out on a remote island. When he visits the man in postwar Tokyo, Airboy uncovers a
Golden Age Mystery Men #01-17 + Special
The comic book history and sharp, clear Golden Age superhero reprints you will find anywhere are the hallmark of this great title, and he is the first issue of the now legendary. Classic black terror adventure ("Eye Of The Lady Snake," from Nedor Black Terror # 23) leads from this rare collection of stories from the 1940s. It addresses one of the
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