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Captain America - The 1940s Newspaper Strip #01-03 (2010)
Uncovered at last: 1940’s daily newspaper comic strip starring Captain America that you never knew about! Travel with us through the mists of time to the tumultuous days of World War II, when sickly Steve Rogers was transformed into the star-spangled, shield-slinging Super Soldier! And what is a Cap adventure without the two-fisted might of
Mythos - Captain America #01
He may be dead, but now you can find out how the man became the legend! Mythos revisits Steve Rogers’ transformation from a weakling with a heart of steel to the Sentinel of Liberty! From the mind of Paul Jenkins’ and the stunning art of Paolo Rivera comes the origin of CAPTAIN AMERICA!
Giant-Size Invaders #1
The first Invaders in Marvel's short-lived giant-size comics campaign.Giant-Size Invaders 1 recounts the origin of Captain America in a flashback scene as young scrawny Steve Rogers drinks Dr. Erskine’s Super Soldier Formula. Almost immediately after Rogers drinks the formula, Dr. Erskine is shot and killed by Nazi agent Kruger who had
Captain America - The Death of Captain America Vol.1 - Death of the Dream
"The quintessential American superhero has died. - US News & World Report. Leaping from the final pages of the civil war, it is a big cover story that Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting else to say - is guaranteed to stun the readers and send shock waves throughout the universe Marvel! As consequences ripple outwards , Winter finally chooses Soldier
Captain America War & Remembrance (TPB)
Endless War Captain America on crime and tyranny sets him against new enemies and old, from an army of robots replica in black affairs of Baron Blood! Plus: Cap for president? Guest co-star Avengers; S.H.I.E.L.D.; and the late, great Union Jack! Thanks Cobra, Mister Hyde and Batroc Jumper! Full Stern / Byrne run, culminating in an impressive
Captain America Annual Vol.1 #01-13 Complete
Annuals to a series of Captain America. It did not run from 1971 to 1994. There were no annuals published from 1995-1997. Starring in the 1998 annual and four-team with Iron Man was released, with unique names
Marvel's Captain America - The First Avenger Adaptation #01
Get ready for Captain America: WINTER SOLDIER with this amazing debut ADAPTATION First Avengers Marvel Studios film! Travel back to the deadly days of the Second World War as a globe stands on the brink of destruction ... and one skinny guy from Brooklyn, takes a step forward to become the Strategic Scientific Reserve and only one super-soldier!
Bullet Points #01-05 Complete
World War II. America needs super soldiers. Only one man possesses the formula to create the perfect fighting machine from volunteer Steve Rogers. But when a deadly bullet kills Dr. Erskine along with his bodyguard, MP Ben Parker, Steve fate in the Marvel Universe-changed forever.
Avengers The Initiative Annual
You got permission to Camp Hammond most important files. For the first time anywhere, witness the hidden origins of the glove, the Armory, MVP, and Hardball. Also, learn some of the most Hi-Tech Initiative secrets. And to meet the team from the second state of America, Pennsylvania, as they battle SMASHER flag and forces an ultimatum! How Philly
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