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X-Men Adventures Vol.1 #01-15 Complete
Henry Hayrich creates an army of Sentinels against mutants. As a test , he sends one to accept anniversary. The Sentinel eventually finds Anniversary at the local mall. Fortunately , members of the X-Men go shopping at the mall and join the jubilee destroy patrol and return to Xaiver institute for higher education , where they Jubilee nurse back
Protectors #01-20 + Handbook Complete
A criminal named Mr. Monday and his army were continuing to attack a number of sites in Washington, DC, killing many people . Mr. Monday expressed how he did not stop until he sees the total destruction of Washington , DC. The President of the United States of America , Brian O'Brien , a former superhero known as clock. With the occurrence of
Ex Mutants Vol.2 #01-18 Complete
Ex-Mutants was originally planned as a parody of countless Marvel "X-" name (X-Force, X-Men, X-Factor, X-etc ...). With this second, the color of the series, the team was towering over a parody to become a legitimate lyubimym.Eks mutants consist of Swordsman Dillon, the strong man Ackroyd, beauties Shannon, Tanya and Piper, and miniature Bowman
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