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Arrow #01 (Malibu)
36 pages | 15.9 мb.

Tags: Arrow Arc Doctor Sheldon Gravestone The Eye
The Arrow thinks back at a time when he tried to stop Dr. Sheldon from committing a crime. The Arrow shot an arrow to stop Dr. Sheldon and it ended up piercing the leg of an innocent bystander. Dr. Sheldon taunted the Arrow for his mistake and he beat her severely. Man of War arrived to diffuse the situation and reprimand the Arrow. Now, after the
Protectors #01-20 + Handbook Complete
A criminal named Mr. Monday and his army were continuing to attack a number of sites in Washington, DC, killing many people . Mr. Monday expressed how he did not stop until he sees the total destruction of Washington , DC. The President of the United States of America , Brian O'Brien , a former superhero known as clock. With the occurrence of
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