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Scalped - You Gotta Sin To Get Saved Vol.8
In this new collection of scalps with issues # 43-49, Red Crow takes on a new challenger for tribal leadership, Dash pursues the killer of his mother, and the officer falls faces a most unusual captivity.
Scalped - Rez Blues Vol.7
In this volume collecting issues # 35-42 of the famous series, Red Crow sends his right hand, Shunka, to sort out a feud with a rival Native American casino, but Shunka becomes embroiled in a murder. He knows that he has to go, but something inside will not let him - which means things are about to get bloody.
Astro City #8
25 pages | 64.8 мb.

Tags: Astro City, Cleopatra, Telseth, 2014
Ambassador, Cleopatra, mining and Master ... What they have in common with Thatcher Jerome, mid-level gangster related business on rivers Astro City? As an all-out battle super hero change your world? Tale of the ability, ambition and family relations in a world where even the sky is not the limit.
Coffin Hill #04
21 pages | 45.7 мb.

Tags: Coffin Hill, Eve Coffin, Melanie Lefevre, Nate Finn
Eve's best friend Mel finally emerges from its decade fugue state ... but really Mel Mel, or have found something sinister house in her eyes? Meanwhile, Eva and Nate search another missing in the coffin Hill forests and lands in the lair of a serial killer.
100 Bullets - Brother Lono #07
22 pages | 20.1 мb.

Tags: 100 Bullets - Brother Lono, Lono, Brian Azzarello
The penultimate issue of the book fans have been raving about has arrived! Bosom will continue on the path of redemption or give in to his violent nature? Find out in the intoxicating and deadly world of 100 Bullets: BROTHER LONO!
Federal Bureau of Physics #07
23 pages | 31.4 мb.

Tags: Federal Bureau of Physics, Agent Reyes, Nathan Fox
When a time dilation takes a turn for the strange, one FBP agent gets more than she expected ... and a young life on the line, how far is it ready to go?
Hinterkind #04
23 pages | 45.5 мb.

Tags: Hinterkind, Angus, Asa, Colonel Doctor Godwin, Jon Hobb, Prosper
Prosper reunited with Aces, but it's all good news there. Along with Angus and John Hobb, they concluded - the survivors of the old patchwork of America headed by Colonel Dr. Godwin. Godwin going to survive at any cost, but it Prosper and others who can pay the price.
The Books Of Magic (Volume 2) 1-75 series + Annuals
78 issues pages | 900.2 мb.

Tags: The Books Of Magic, Books, Magic, vertigo comics, The Books Of Magic vol 2
The Books of Magic is the ongoing monthly continuation of the tale that began in the Books of Magic mini-series. That series, written by Sandmans Neil Gaiman, told of how John Constantine (Hellblazer), Doctor Occult, Mister E and the Phantom Stranger introduced a young boy named Timothy Hunter to the mystical realm. Timothy had the potential to
Tom Strong and the Planet of Peril #06
Tom Strong can not believe that finding a cure for trouble Tesla can lead to death of her husband. Saving an entire civilization with his family will take time, skill ... and a lot of luck!
Fables #136
22 pages | 36.6 мb.

Tags: Fables, Flycatcher, Rose Red
"CAMELOT," Part 6 of 7! New Round Table was established and potential knights errant of the worlds begin to arrive over - including one ragged and mysterious piece of work from who knows where? At the same time, some of the earliest sent volunteers at their first job. Raise your hand if you think that will go smoothly.
The Dead Boy Detectives #01
From the pages of The Sandman, Neil Gaiman dead boys get their own monthly series! Fans storybook detectives Edwin Payne (died 1916) and Charles Rowland ( died in 1990 ) will accept any and all secrets - including his own premature death ! Dead boys returned to St. -Hilarions, where bullying principals continue to rule the school . But when they
Fairest #22
22 pages | 48.6 мb.

Tags: Fairest, Marc Andreyko, Shawn McManus, Adam Hughes
"Mice and Men" continues to search for answers about Cinderella rodents / Mandi hybrids takes her around the world! As these "mouse Men" tie last Cindy? What is their endgame? And Cindy will understand things before disaster falls on Fabletown? All this and shocking view of the ... oh well, that will speak!
House of Secrets (Volume 2) 1-25 series
25 issues pages | 459.7 мb.

Tags: House of Secrets, House of Secrets comics, House, Secrets, vertigo comics
The history of the lives of ordinary American punks with all their habits and vocabulary, eccentric protagonist-hitchhiker named Rhine - and ... old haunted house that every night judge those who are hiding secrets. But it's not just horror: for more than twenty editions the authors do not hesitate to raise sensitive issues, periodically organize
Scalped - The Gnawing Vol.6
In this new collection featuring issues # 30-34 of the monthly series, Red Crow commits a murder in front of witnesses and the FBI thinks he can finally put it away. Meanwhile, a dash of loyalty is tested as his addiction to heroin intensifies.
Scalped - High Lonesome Vol.5
In this latest volume of scalps, collecting issues # 25-29 of the famous series, we see the landscape of Prairie Rose reservation and casino through the eyes of a beginner - and cheater card shark - whose presence could spell doom for one of our main characters.
Scalped - The Gravel In Your Guts Vol.4
In the latest collection of scalps, featuring issues # 19-24, Chief Red Crow is doing everything in his power to keep on the straight and narrow, but how far he will let Mr. Brass push him?
Scalped - Dead Mothers Vol.3
In matters of this third volume of the famous series, collecting # 12-18, house booking undercover FBI agent show Bad Horse wakes up the next morning after the opening of Crazy Horse Casino to find that two women were killed overnight. It's up to Dash to find the killers and, in the process, come to grips with his relationship with his own mother.
Scalped - Casino Boogie Vol.2
This volume, collecting issues # 6-11 of the acclaimed new series by Jason Aaron (the other side), explores the origins of the problem Dash Bad Horse and chronicles his day-to-day life on the Rez works Chief Red life on The Rez working for Chief Red Crow.
Scalped - Indian Country Vol.1
Jason Aaron, the hot new writer the critically acclaimed series on the other hand , teams with gritty artist RM Guera for intense crime drama that mixes organized crime with current Native American culture . This special low-priced volume collects the first five issues of the riveting Vertigo series scalps . Fifteen years ago, the show " Dash "
Gifts of the Night (1-4 series) Complete
4 issues pages | 43.5 мb.

Tags: Gifts of the Night, Gifts of the Night comics, Gifts, Night
Complete collection comics Gifts of the Night

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