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Hinterkind #04
Prosper reunited with Aces, but it's all good news there. Along with Angus and John Hobb, they concluded - the survivors of the old patchwork of America headed by Colonel Dr. Godwin. Godwin going to survive at any cost, but it Prosper and others who can pay the price.
Hinterkind #03
23 pages | 46.6 мb.

Tags: Hinterkind Angus Jon Hobb Prosper Ian Edginton
After narrowly escaped becoming food for eating Lygon Bridge Troll, Prosper and Angus now find themselves prisoners tracker John Hobb and his motley crew. Long journey and an uncertain future away on the west coast awaits them if something worse does not get them all first! Exciting adventures continue in HINTERKIND в„– 3!
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