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Fables #147
"Fortunately Ever After", part of the seventh! Rose Red, is still in its magical old house in the woods, find out why she is so special and snow - and why they have become the leading stone for the accumulation of the great powers. And much to my surprise, she finds that she is really happy here for the first time since she can remember. But it
Fables #136
22 pages | 36.6 мb.

Tags: Fables Flycatcher Rose Red
"CAMELOT," Part 6 of 7! New Round Table was established and potential knights errant of the worlds begin to arrive over - including one ragged and mysterious piece of work from who knows where? At the same time, some of the earliest sent volunteers at their first job. Raise your hand if you think that will go smoothly.
The Unwritten #54
Grand Final "Unwritten Tales" is here! Those who survived the Fabletown began their final assault on the castle of the Dark and has been broken. Their king died and their champions have won. But the fight is not over until the wicked witch says it is, and Frau Totenkinder still has plans for Tom Taylor and Boy Blue. Unfortunately, the treatment
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