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Rage #1
24 pages | 47.1 мb.

Tags: Rage, Soleil
The Odyssey violent and murderous , through a megalopolis destroyed by chemical and biological warfare, which survive, divided into clans, genetically modified humans . Facies of human mutant Wolf, , guided by the lust for life and thirst for justice, through the darkest areas, dangerous and devastated the city. It ' s goal? Find his

Rage #1 (2007)

Publisher: Other
Deepwater Prison Vol.2  - Le Bloc
60 pages | 63.4 мb.

Tags: Deepwater Prison, Christophe Bec, Soleil
Following the increase in offences and crimes in the United States, the prisons are overcrowded. To cope with the problem, the American Government tests a new prison for the most dangerous criminals: the Deepwaterprison, a maritime abyss just off the Bermudas. Nine hundred metres higher, on the surface, an oil rig explodes and sinks, creating an
Ythaq Vol.3 - The Whisper of the Stars
71 pages | 90.7 мb.

Tags: Ythaq, Other comics, Soleil
Having freed Callista and the other survivors of the spatial collapse, Granite and Narvarth try to find the wreck of the Comet's Tail. But their trip turns to a disaster, as the vessel they stole from underneath the city breaks down, and Callista and the wise Feng Tao disappear mysteriously... As for Granite and Narvarth, along with Krurgor, they
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