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Ythaq Vol.4 - The Shadow of Khengis
51 pages | 85.1 мb.

Tags: Ythaq Soleil
Lieutenant Granite and her friends try to join the main group of survivors. But in so doing, they meet strange characters who hide the secrets of Ythaq. Who are Dhokas and Khengis really? And Hetzel, the man who has a huge insect grafted to his back?
Ythaq Vol.3 - The Whisper of the Stars
71 pages | 90.7 мb.

Tags: Ythaq Other comics Soleil
Having freed Callista and the other survivors of the spatial collapse, Granite and Narvarth try to find the wreck of the Comet's Tail. But their trip turns to a disaster, as the vessel they stole from underneath the city breaks down, and Callista and the wise Feng Tao disappear mysteriously... As for Granite and Narvarth, along with Krurgor, they
Ythaq Vol.2 - The Twin Ophyde
61 pages | 110.8 мb.

Tags: Ythaq Other comics
Shipwrecked on the planet Ythaq, young officer Granite and the technician Narvarth try to save Callista, the sulphureous passenger whom they are responsible for. But they are unaware that she has usurped the identity of the terrible margrave Ophyde and is masquerading as the ruler of their current region... It is at the heart of the Ophyde's
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