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Morea Vol.2 - The Dragon's Spine
48 pages | 81.1 мb.

Tags: Morea Soleil
From now on, Morea Doloniac is at the head of the DWC, one of the biggest meta-national companies on the planet. But she is also a Dragon, that is to say, an Immortal who fights the Angels, a group dedicated to the destruction of the planet and to the degradation of humanity. So, when a bacterium that would allow the terraforming of Mars is stolen
Morea Vol.1 - Angels'  Blood
46 pages | 85.6 мb.

Tags: Morea Soleil
Cuba, capital of the new economic empire, in the year 2082. Beautiful Morea Doloniac is an ordinary employee in one of the biggest meta-national companies on the planet, the DWC. She is only a vague relation to the founder of the company, Nathan Doloniac. One day, she is nearly killed when commando squads execute, everywhere on the planet, members
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