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Bandette #08
22 pages | 46.2 мb.

Tags: Bandette, Absinthe, Monsieur
The boys were warned of deadly threat! Monsieur trapped in the act of brazen robbery! Absinthe furious bold theft under your nose! Bandette continues to steal the most precious objects for Absinthe, all the while collecting evidence to be used against his corrupt organization, Finis! Our favorite character mocks all laws in the pursuit of its
Artful Daggers #13
16 pages | 24.7 мb.

Tags: Artful Daggers, Adam P. Knave, Andrew Losq
Business as usual is transformed into a series of revelations that threatens to end once and for all cheaters.
Skinned #03
23 pages | 30.1 мb.

Tags: Skinned, Aldair
Street Angel #03
29 pages | 44.1 мb.

Tags: Street Angel, Brian Maruca
Orphaned as a result of the world, raised in the streets, Jesse Sanchez is a dangerous fighter, and a large homeless skateboarder in the world. In Wilkesborough, the worst ghetto Angel City, she was fighting a ninja, drugs, nepotism and pre-algebra as a Street Angel!
Knuckleheads #08
25 pages | 44.5 мb.

Tags: Knuckleheads, Brian Winkeler, Robert Wilson IV
Shocking finale «FIST CONTACTS! Discover the mystery of the origin and destiny of the Crystal Fist weapons powers! Plus, never seen a digital only extras! Do not miss this, Knucklefriends!
Captain Ultimate #06
25 pages | 45.5 мb.

Tags: Captain Ultimate, Santa Claus
It's Christmas in July! Discover the true story of the last Christmas as the good old Kris Kringle crash land on Christmas Eve and turns into Captain Max and Milo for help! Plus: Trouble in Super avenging society?!
Amelia Cole Vol.2 - Amelia Cole and the Hidden War
Amelia Cole collects # 7-12! Magic do-gooder (or troublemaker, depending on who you ask) Amelia Cole is back, and this time, she Protector! What is a Hidden War? Who Omega Company? And this protector cloak as itching, as it looks? Mysterious "Unknown World" has become increasingly dangerous as Adam P. Knave & DJ Kirkbride recording, Nick
Amelia Cole Vol.1 - Amelia Cole and the Unknown World
Amelia Cole lives in two worlds literally. One works on magic; based on other technologies. When the barriers between the two worlds begin to crumble, Amelia and her aunt Dani must take extreme measures. This is the beginning of a whole new world, adventure, magic and excitement as Amelia Cole takes a step forward to do what she knows the right
The Fallen #03
20 pages | 30.3 мb.

Tags: The Fallen, Alex De-Gruchy, Michael Montenat
Group murderous supervillains leaving a bloody trail throughout California to meet the flying man who was watching them and others. There will be more deaths in the future.
Heartbreakers #04
11 pages | 13.6 мb.

Tags: Heartbreakers, Therese Sorenson, Anina Bennett
Teresa Sorenson and its clones have been hiding on Jupiter's moon Ganymede, for several years, undetected. But a chance meeting at a trading post in the asteroid belt leads to the discovery of a secret base The Heartbreakers.
Night of the Red Panda #03
29 pages | 50.5 мb.

Tags: Night of the Red Panda, Flying Squirrel, Red Panda
The all-new, two-fisted pulp adventure Terrific Two of Toronto! This question: "Rhyme Spree Part 1 of 2" This pernicious pirate pen, so the city has captured the romantic rhapsodies with campaign Crime, based in villainous verse. Maybe the Red Panda and the Flying Squirrel withdraw its mysterious motives in time? Plus two more chapter serial pulp
The Remains #03
26 pages | 40.9 мb.

Tags: The Remains, Birdie, Cole Jensen
The dead grow restless when Cole Jensen nearby. Bird feels a potential threat to the hired man is for his family, but her parents did not listen. How strange curse is spreading like a cancer through the small farm, bird learns the cruel and terrible truth: Some secrets are meant only for the dead.
Knuckleheads (1-6 series)
6 issues pages | 218.8 мb.

Tags: Knuckleheads, Knuckleheads comics
Knuckleheads In Space? That is right! Crystal Fist gang are zapped into orbit with some creepy looking aliens. Are they good or bad ... or both? Learn and prepare for shockingiest ending ever!
Kinski (1-4 series) Complete
4 issues pages | 125.5 мb.

Tags: Kinski, Kinski comics, monkeybrain Comics
With Kinski lost in a seemingly endless RV park, Joe must track down a puppy before he incur the wrath of the locals.
Strange Nation #06
20 pages | 22.5 мb.

Tags: Strange Nation, Dr. Harris, Norma Park
Norm gives the alien invasion! Neither representatives from anyway? Meanwhile, Dr. Harris is moving forward with its world-shaking plans.
Edison Rex #16
19 pages | 17.8 мb.

Tags: Edison Rex, Chris Roberson
Edison Rex made ​​many new friends and new enemies on his journey from villain to hero. But all his allies can be trusted? And can it really be sure who his enemies really?
Artful Daggers #12
16 pages | 23 мb.

Tags: Artful Daggers, Adam P. Knave, Andrew Losq
Business as usual is transformed into a series of revelations that threatens to end once and for all cheaters.
Street Angel #02
29 pages | 40.9 мb.

Tags: Street Angel, Brian Maruca
Orphans in the world, raised in the streets, Jesse Sanchez is a dangerous martial arts, and the best skateboarder in the world of the homeless. In Wilkesborough, the worst ghettos Angel City, she fights ninjas, drugs, nepotism and the beginnings of algebra as a Street Angel!

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