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D4VE #02
25 pages | 39.8 мb.

Tags: D4VE Ryan Ferrier Valentin Ramon Menendez
Invasion! D4VE in crisis spirals out of control when his family life and his day job to take some unexpected turns, but a new presence on the planet ignites his long lost spark. D4VE also faces his greatest challenge yet: fatherhood.
Bandette #06
23 pages | 41.6 мb.

Tags: Bandette Absinthe B.D. Belgique Monsieur
The adventure continues! Daredevil Bandette girl and her rival of stealing, sir, to begin their race to deprive criminal cartel Finis of the most valuable treasures! Meanwhile, stubbornly diligent inspector BD Belgique Special Police continues to investigate the many atrocities that malignant organization! But, irritated, though he efforts of our
Strange Nation #03
21 pages | 24.9 мb.

Tags: Strange Nation Jesse Merc Norma Park
Jesse vs Merc! Favorite septugenarian Universal squares off against each favorite Sasquatch in a vicious battle on the roof. Plus: Norma headed home, where she meets the mysterious and unexpected news tip.
The Double Life of Miranda Turner #02
Miranda took a break in the hunt for the killer of his sister to play a major role in the play on Broadway. Not that this means that it will stay out of trouble. Strange things happen in the middle of rehearsal. Cast mates Miranda exhibition start at behavior, and most of them look like they are going to end up in jail - or worse - before opening
The Army of Dr. Moreau #02
While Beckett and his team make their way to the mysterious island that inspired HG Wells to write The Island of Dr. Moreau, the Nazis approach to improving their experiments. Led by Metzger, the Nazis are going to find out that they are not alone on the island.
Real West #03
41 pages | 22 мb.

Tags: Real West Western Stan Lynde
REAL WEST continues with never-before-published stories from the classic western band Latigo legendary cartoonist Stan Lynde: White Buffalo!
Edison Rex #12
21 pages | 22.7 мb.

Tags: Edison Rex Eclipse II Edison Rex M'alizz Warren
Edison Rex has finally managed to convince everyone that he is a hero now, not the villain he used to be? And there is a new generation of heroes to take him as one of its?
Code Monkey Save World #02
When the office crush Code Monkey was kidnapped Laura Robo Queen, it seemed a smart move to team up with the most ruthless supervillain in the world to save her. But supervillain partner Code Monkey has some shocking secrets of his own, which throw the whole plan is in danger! Due to the origin of Skullcrusher! A secret history of Code Monkey!
Amelia Cole and the Hidden War #06
Omega Company suffered some serious damage against magic draining monsters as their mysterious puppeteer reptiles hours in the shade. All that while Amelia goes snooping in the office of the magistrate who believes that not reveal anything sinister, does not it? ... Is not it???
Strange Nation #02
23 pages | 25.6 мb.

Tags: Strange Nation Norma Park Paul Allor Juan Romera
All Norma park ever wanted to be a journalist, to uncover the truth and bring the perpetrators to justice in power. But after she loses a prestigious newspaper job, the only place that will hire her supermarket tabloid strange people. She soon discovers huge and dangerous conspiracy. Foreigners. Snow. Doomsday cults. It's real and it's all related!
Anti-Hero #05
17 pages | 19.6 мb.

Tags: Anti-Hero Callum Finney Paragon Jay Faerber
Henry must find a wounded Callum Callum to die - because if he dies, Henry's secret identity will be revealed automatically!
Prime-8s #01
The eight super-powered primates were once the greatest fighting force known to man, and the true defenders of the Earth. After disbanded after preventing an apocalyptic event, these characters are supposed to be leading a "normal" life. But when the evil returns forgotten, they should try to recapture their former glory - and decide if they even
D4VE #01
26 pages | 46 мb.

Tags: D4VE monkeybrain Comics FR4NK Ryan Ferrier 2013
Middle age. Crisis. D4VE, defense works, which became a slave who dies in the soul-sucking day job, Quitely wants his monster punching past. Unbeknownst to him, yet the presence of a new foreign land on Earth.
Artful Daggers #09
In the aftermath of the devastating attack on Warren, who remained standing, and on whose side they're on?
Edison Rex #11
This return to the Golden Age as a gladiator Gladstone and the original Eclipse join forces to save the architectural ensemble of the city from destruction at the hands of the Red Molotov. But even with Mr. They are bald on their side, will our heroes stop the mad bomber before it's too late? (And all this has to do with Edison Rex ...?)
BOO! Halloween Stories #04
The first ever reality show for horror hosts come to an end with a shock, suspense, a little murder and three all-new terrifying tales just in time for Halloween
The Double Life of Miranda Turner #1
New comics titled "The Double Life of Miranda Turner #1". Download the first all-new comics from popular publishers such as: Marvel, DC, Image, IDW Publishing, Dark Horse, Valiant Universe, Vertigo, Boom, Oni press, Archaia, Kaboom, DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT and others. The Double Life of Miranda Turner and other comics you'll find only at our site
Captain Ultimate #4
20 pages | 39.8 мb.

Tags: Captain Ultimate Captain Ultimate
Once upon a time, the most famous superhero in the world disappeared and justice was given a grim-n-gritty vigilantes that blurred the line between the righteous and the wicked. All have forgotten what it really means to be a hero ... until that day, Giant Robot Octopus alien monster did not attack! When a boy finds the courage to confront this
BOO! Halloween Stories #03
30 pages | 33.4 мb.

The first ever reality TV horror hosts heated up as one of the participants is at large and five more are in grave danger, as well as three brand new Weird Tales of terror and fear!
BOO! Halloween Stories #02
29 pages | 32.8 мb.

Candles are lit, swing open the coffins and scary stories keep coming! Six members are horrible to compete in the world's first reality competition based on the horror stories! Three all-new stories and six sinister narrators, to see who will survive - BOO!
Code Monkey Save World #01
Put-upon coding monkeys combined with raging in love with a super-villain to fight robots, zombie servant, and perhaps even with each other as they struggle to impress the amazing women for whom they fruitlessly for a long time. Based on the songs of the Internet superstar musician Jonathan Colton.
Captain Ultimate #03
You've seen it in action, but where is the greatest hero in the world come from? For the first time anywhere: the secret origin of Ultimate Captain Adventure, which will lead you to the end of time!
Strange Nation #01
All Norma park ever wanted to be a journalist, to tell the truth, and to hold those in power accountable. But after she loses his prestigious job of the newspaper, the only place that would hire her supermarket tabloid alien people. She soon discovers a vast and dangerous conspiracy. Aliens. Sasquatch. Doomsday cults. It's all real, and it's all
Amelia Cole and the Hidden War #05
Amelia suspected Magistrate grow as she finds out how much he abused her as a defender. Meanwhile, the already depleted Omega company is one of their biggest battle yet.

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