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The Double Life of Miranda Turner #07
Hometown Miranda Turner was handed the vile demons, guided terrible arch nemesis sister Tengu. How diabolical villain see through the disguise of Miranda, to know that it is not a real cat? And it will be important if the whole world consumed hell?
Amelia Cole and the Impossible Fate #04
Amelia cooks up a plan. One that she might not survive. It involves shoes. We're not kidding.
Bandette #10
26 pages | 31.2 мb.

Tags: Bandette, Daniel, Madame Revolver, Robin Hood
A new chapter begins in a brilliant career Bandette, the greatest thief in the world! Scarlet dressed young adventurer enjoys a little light entertainment in the theater, and leaves with a priceless treasure that can hold the key to the mystery of a legendary: the secret of the house green mask! However, while the Absinthe and the cartel offense,
Behemoth #01
25 pages | 34.5 мb.

Tags: Theresa, Behemoth, Chris Kipiniak
Teresa awoke to find herself changes into a monster. She took from her family and placed in an internment camp with other children going through the same thing. It is given a choice: she can surrender to become mindless beast, or join Behemoth, a pack of creatures are trained to kill for the US government. But what choice to make it more monster?
Headspace #08
19 pages | 23.3 мb.

Tags: Headspace, Max, Shane
The end of the whole mess. Shane V Id blood-red Carpenter Cove. Max and children with slow dull sky. Of course, in our last moments, we are wondering if there are other worlds than this.
The October Girl #04
18 pages | 14.4 мb.

Tags: The October Girl, Autumn Ackerman, Evan Fade
Special Bonus Size Matters! Who is the mysterious Evan Fade and what is its relationship with an imaginary friend Autumn Barnaby? And it will help to know the truth in the fall or just to make your life even more strange? The next chapter of the acclaimed series from writer and artist Matthew Dow Smith (Jim Henson's narrator, Doctor WHO).
Heartbreakers #07
8 pages | 5.4 мb.

Tags: Heartbreakers, Queenie, Therese Sorenson
The last two surviving clones Teresa Sorenson stranded on Saturn. But before we find out how they get out of this predicament, let's flash back to the origin of our heroines: their first days out of the tank, how they met and how Quinn got her name.
Headspace #07
24 pages | 27.6 мb.

Tags: Headspace, Shane, Ryan K Lindsay
Shane free ... but to make a freedom and deserves it can be two very different ways to make a commitment.
Night of the Red Panda #07
The all-new, awkward pulp adventure together Terrific Toronto! This question: "Monkey see, monkey do pt 1 of 2" Modern science has long been trying to uncover the untapped potential of the human mind. But what if the mind in question have brains? And, perhaps, a tendency to lower primates and obsession with proving that he is a true champion
The Double Life of Miranda Turner #06
Things nearly went wrong for Miranda, when the best friend of her sister caught her snooping around the house Lindy, but the cat barely gets time to breathe before to jump in violation again take on arch-nemesis hellacious previous cats.
The October Girl #02
For 18-year-old Autumn Ackerman, reunited with his long-lost imaginary friend only nachalo.Mir much more interesting than the Fall could imagine, but she's going to find out that it is much more dangerous, as the head of the hit horosho.Sleduyuschaya dark fantasy series for teens and adult critically acclaimed artist and writer Matthew Dow Smith
The October Girl #01
Autumn Ackerman always knew she was a little different, but it does not have the slightest idea about how different it really is. 18 years and without hope for the future of the work behind the counter at the cafe Her small town, Fall about to discover that all she thinks she knows about the world tak.Pervaya head brand new dark fantasy story for
The October Girl #03
14 pages | 11.6 мb.

Tags: The October Girl, Autumn Ackerman, Matthew Dow Smith
Hit-Dark Fantasy series is back! Following the discovery of childhood imaginary friend is real life 18-year-old Autumn Ackerman was upside down. In over her head in a world that has no sense anymore, Fall is going to meet one person who could help her find otvety.Novy head of the critically acclaimed writer and artist Matthew Dow Smith (Doctor
Tally Marks #07
30 pages | 21.9 мb.

Tags: Tally Marks, Natalie Nourigat
Travel sketches from Paris and New York. Tally ends her year traveling sketches of dinosaurs, epic beard, capoeira and life drawings.
Amazing Forest #08
21 pages | 50.9 мb.

Tags: Erick Freitas, Amazing Forest, Ulises Farinas
A collection of the greatest stories ever told. Tales for the bold. Ideas for the country. Evil thing to stir the minds of those with darkness in their serdtsah.Sovremenny anthology, which lends itself to a time when the stories were short and ugly. Author Eric Freitas and Ulises Farinas, each drawn comics other amazingly talented artists, each
Artful Daggers #17
28 pages | 30.6 мb.

Tags: Artful Daggers, Sean E. Williams
This is it. Everything is changing, forever, in a shocking finale "Before Dawn"!
Headspace #06
25 pages | 23.5 мb.

Tags: Headspace, Ryan K Lindsay, Eric Zawadski
It's time to find out what happens out on the water beyond Carpenter Cove.
Amelia Cole and the Impossible Fate #02
Amelia tries to work as the Council sent it back to the magical world, while Hector begins a new life for themselves on the non-magical world. Meanwhile, Lemmy and company Omega stay as good as possible, overcoming enormous difficulties!

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