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Powers Vol.13 - Z (TPB)
When the power who murdered Hitler is found dead, it is up to detectives Walker and Sunrise to dig into the secret history of powers past to find the killer. A past that included the untold tale of Walker's world before he became one of the world's greatest superheroes. From the writer of some of your favorite Marvel comics (AVENGERS, SIEGE) comes
Powers Vol.12 - The 25 (TPB)
Murder detectives Christian Walker and Pilgrim Dean investigate the murder relating to the super hero of cases, and they both have a secret: they both have powers. This new story will blow the roof all that you know about the crime comics and superhero comics! Walker v. Pilgrim! And they both have the power! From the writer some of your favorite
Powers Vol.11 - Secret Identity (TPB)
Walker and Pilgrim were homicide detectives and partners for many years, but they have kept secrets from each other now too big and too dangerous to stay secrets for long. Things are going to get really crazy ... even for Eisner award-winning powers! From the writer's New Avengers!
Powers Vol.10 - Cosmic (TPB)
Powers are falling from the sky, leaving a bloody body on its way. When one of the victims was shown to be the guardian of our galaxy, space, homicide detectives Christian Walker and Dean Pilgrim be knee-deep in outer Doo. And if something is not so bad, the Interior would like to speak with Detective Pilgrim. All this and it's perfect jumping-on
Powers Vol.9 - Psychotic (TPB)
Detective Dina pilgrim holds a dark secret, one destroying her life at every turn. This collection features every moment of life is changing, that climax in the triple size 50-anniversary edition special. No comic dare not go anywhere near the place Eisner awards POWERS went with this istoriey.Dolzhno be! This collection is the gold standard has
Powers Vol.3 - Little Deaths (TPB)
Selection of the most intriguing and powers of obscene material published to date. In addition, an explosive collection of some of the most difficult to find material Powers. "Groupies": superhero sex scandal, as you've never seen before. When one of the largest in the history of superheroes horndog found dead in bed, underworld superhero fans
Powers Vol.1 - Who Killed Retro Girl (TPB)
Super-heroine known as retro girl was murdered and detectives Christian Walker and Dean pilgrims were put on the case. But in this world, where the police and capes coexist, even the best of the best to find the culprit behind this shocking murder? Chronicling the very first combined detectives Walker and Pilgrim, powers Vol. 1 starting point for
Powers - The Bureau #11
The game-changer for the entire series, Special Agent Christian Walker has to choose between his humanity or office - with the cost! Every once in a while something happens in this book that makes you say, "How are they going to get out of this?" This is one of those times! From the writer of your favorite comics Marvel, including the all-new
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