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Powers Vol.8 - Legends (TPB)
Homicide detectives Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim investigate murders specific to super-hero cases. And with all super heroes declared illegal, a Powers crime wave has hit the city, and hit hard! With exclusive bonus features! A rarely seen LEGENDS prologue story by Bendis and Oeming introducing the new Retro Girl from the pages of Wizard's
Powers Vol.6 - The Sellouts (TPB)
When a member of one of the classic supergroups falls victim to a seedy sex scandal, the murder investigation takes Walker and Pilgrim on a journey that will change the way the world looks at superheroes forever. The shocking conclusion has had the Internet abuzz for months - now find out why! PLUS: Exclusive extras, including a brand new "Bendis
Powers Vol.5 - Anarchy (TPB)
Heroes glide through the sky on lightning and fire. Flamboyant villains attempt daring daylight robbery. God-like alien beings face in an epic battle for the night sky. And on the dirty city streets below, homicide detectives Christian Walker and Pilgrim Dean investigate the murder of specific cases for a superhero. Studies that take them from the
Powers Vol.4 - Supergroup (TPB)
Widely regarded as the best storyline of the Eisner award-winning series. When one of the key members of the popular super group is present brutally murdered, the events that follow will present the federal governments multilevel control superhero elite and how far they will go to cover up. Walker and Pilgrim are forced to make a choice that will
Powers Vol.3 - Little Deaths (TPB)
Selection of the most intriguing and powers of obscene material published to date. In addition, an explosive collection of some of the most difficult to find material Powers. "Groupies": superhero sex scandal, as you've never seen before. When one of the largest in the history of superheroes horndog found dead in bed, underworld superhero fans
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