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Powers Vol.3 - Little Deaths (TPB)

Powers Vol.3 - Little Deaths (TPB)

Selection of the most intriguing and powers of obscene material published to date. In addition, an explosive collection of some of the most difficult to find material Powers. "Groupies": superhero sex scandal, as you've never seen before. When one of the largest in the history of superheroes horndog found dead in bed, underworld superhero fans comes into focus. "Ride Together": Warren Ellis guest stars as himself. Warren invites himself to the study of road along with the stars and powers not you know it, everything will turn out horribly wrong right now! Find out why so long out of print story, originally seen in the powers of # 7, our number one requested reprint. PLUS: the very first reprinting the entire powers of the master edition, plus a full, critics Powers annum. Powers: the madman who killed? Tricky Powers spoof Bendis and Oeming with a stunning array of comics superstar guest stars that must be seen to be poverit.Polnomochiya Coloring and Activity Book: No, we're not kidding. Bonus Story: В«keyВ»: the history of noir prestuplenie.Samy first collaboration between Bendis and Oeming. Plus: a dazzling Mike Oeming sketchbook, cover gallery, and in-depth interviews with Brian Michael Bendis.

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