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Powers Vol.4 - Supergroup (TPB)

Powers Vol.4 - Supergroup (TPB)

Widely regarded as the best storyline of the Eisner award-winning series. When one of the key members of the popular super group is present brutally murdered, the events that follow will present the federal governments multilevel control superhero elite and how far they will go to cover up. Walker and Pilgrim are forced to make a choice that will forever change their lives and careers ... and how the world as a whole will see their heroes. PLUS exclusive bonus FEATURES !! Including full color behind the scenes, as the comments of the whole team of art. Exclusive interview with Bendis and Oeming. Costumes. Deleted scenes snippets. And much, much more. Powers Vol. I: Who Killed Retro Girl? considered the gold standard of trade paperbacks, currently command authority takes another step forward with the supergroup.

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