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Iron Man Masterworks Vol.3
The Iron Avenger returns for another round of Marvelous Masterworks Mayhem, and this one's gonna go straight down to the final bell, True Believer! So buckle up your red and gold retrorockets and get ready for adventure a'plenty as only Marvel can make it! Stan "The Man" and the Dynamo of Delineation, Don Heck, will pit Tony Stark against the
Iron Man Masterworks Vol.2
This is a classic story of Tony Stark pit against a virtual Who's Who of opponents in the mighty Marvel manner which could only be brought to you by Stan Lee and lavish feather "dashing" Don Heck! There's arch-nemesis the return of Iron Man, mandarin and said origin of the vile villain, followed by the first appearance of long-loved Avenger,
Iron Man Masterworks Vol.1
As unfolded 60s, Marvel Stan Lee has released hit after hit revolutionary, bringing new new heroes to the public all too ready to amazing adventurers with feet of clay. And there is no one who touched and that the ideal adventurer and human reality as Tony Stark, the Invincible Iron Man! The jet setter, playboy, and a brilliant scientist, Stark
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