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Iron Man Masterworks Vol.2
This is a classic story of Tony Stark pit against a virtual Who's Who of opponents in the mighty Marvel manner which could only be brought to you by Stan Lee and lavish feather "dashing" Don Heck! There's arch-nemesis the return of Iron Man, mandarin and said origin of the vile villain, followed by the first appearance of long-loved Avenger,
The Manhattan Projects Vol.5
This is the fifth volume of the greatest mysteries of the history of science, the Manhattan project. "The Cold War" reveals the dark days of the 'real' Cuban missile crisis, the assassination of the American President, and at the end of the alliance Manhattan Projects-Star City. Collects Manhattan Project # 21-25.
The Manhattan Projects Vol.2 (TPB)
"THEY RULE" The second amazing amount SCIENCE, bad book of the new millennium. Battle for world domination is in full swing and bad people Manhattan Project will take only one outcome: World domination Collection of cool new series in one package super science.
The Manhattan Projects Vol.1 (TPB)
What if the research and development department created to produce the first atomic bomb was a front for some other, more unusual, programs? Collect cool new series, in a single package super science.
The Shadow - Green Hornet - Dark Nights #05
It is shocking and horrifying conclusion "Dark Night", from the deadly race against time, as a shadow, and Green Hornet chase Shiwan Khan through the actual steam tunnels that go down seven levels in the underground city of New York. It's "Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark" urban adventure with the life of President Roosevelt and the
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