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Thor Corps
Like Thor? Want more? You'll adore the Thor Corps for sure! After all, they fought a Thor War. Hammers clash when Mjolnir-wielder of the future Dargo Ktor is tricked into fighting Eric Masterson, the replacement Thor, in the modern day. As they bring the thunder, Beta Ray Bill joins the party with his mighty mallet Stormbreaker! But will the
The Thanos Imperative - Devastation #01
THE THANOS IMPERATIVE is over…but who and what has survived? What happened to Thanos? What about Lord Mar-Vell and the Cancerverse? Who rules the Kree and the Shi’Ar? Is anyone left to guard the galaxy? And who will hold the shattered civilizations of the Marvel Universe together in this bleak new age? Find out from the creative team that
A-Force #03
SERIES Secret Wars She-Hulk has violated the most sacred rule Battleworld ... ... And now-Force is on the run from the defense of the planet: Thor Corps! And while trying to prove his innocence, She-Hulk discovers that one of her own, perhaps engineered her fall ...
Thors #02
Saga Battleworld police continues! Other murders. More mystery. More torso! (How Groot THOR!) And maybe even a break in the case, as surprising suspect brought in for questioning ...
Thors #01
Thors each domain together in one book! As space police! Whenever there is a problem in the Battleworld, Torso answer the call. But a string of mysterious killings left some of them to ask questions that can solve all true! The hard-hitting police drama Marvel Comics. With a hammer. Many, many hammers.
Nova #31
The world is threatened and it's up to Sam Alexander, AKA Nova and his friends Beta Ray Bill, Doc Green, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Cosmo, to save the planet. You will not believe the end of this issue!

Nova #31 (2015)

Publisher: Marvel
Cosmic Powers #01-06 Complete
Thanos is immersed in a fight with a seemingly whole world full of mercenary soldiers, destroying them all with one hand with difficulty, even relying on its energy domain powers. This sequence is the best example of the struggle to justify Thanos "heroclix figure of Supernova set having a" close combat experts "power. Disappointed in the call, he
Nova #25
32 pages | 61.6 мb.

Tags: Nova Beta Ray Bill Cosmo Hulk Sam Alexander
AXIS TIE-IN! Oversized 25 monumental question and great springboard to the point! Times are changing for Sam Alexander, also known Nova, Human Rocket, so get on board to move quickly in the comic business!

Nova #25 (2015)

Publisher: Marvel
100th Anniversary Special - Avengers #01
Celebrate 100 years of the Earth's mightiest heroes - the Avengers! After the failed invasion of Earth Badong and disappearance of America in the negative zone, as will be the Avengers of 2061 to cope?
Annihilators - Earthfall #01-04 Complete
Miracles SPACE heavy hitters come to earth and fight the Avengers! What has brought Gladiator, Quasar, Ronan, Ikon and Beta-Ray Bill to our planet ... and why are they at odds with the powerful heroes of Earth? All this, plus each issue will include a five-page chapter of an all-new, all-hilarious Rocket Raccoon & Groot story!
Nova #16
24 pages | 43.1 мb.

Tags: Nova Beta Ray Bill Sam Alexander Skaarn
The Adventures of Sam Beta Ray Bill in space comes to a shocking conclusion and Sam comes home to a very unpleasant discovery. (No, this is not the Statue of Liberty on its side.)

Nova #16 (2014)

Publisher: Marvel
Nova #15
25 pages | 45.6 мb.

Tags: Nova Beta Ray Bill Cosmo Sam Alexander
Sam is the result of intergalactic exclusion orbital slums. Can he save people Beta Ray Bill before they are sold into slavery, and he catch Captain Skaarn, before he can hurt anyone?

Nova #15 (2014)

Publisher: Marvel
Omega Flight #01-05 Complete
From the ashes of Alpha Flight and the Civil War: Initiative, Canada gets a new super team in this five issue mini-series. Cast Snow, Arachne, U.S. Agent, Talisman, Beta Ray Bill and a new trustee, the new team must defend Canada from the threat Wrecking Crew and big game!
Nova #14
25 pages | 51.2 мb.

Tags: Nova Beta Ray Bill Sam Alexander
It's a bad time to be a NOVA! David Baldeon (Scarlet Spider) joins Jerry Duggan for interstellar adventures with Beta Ray Bill starts with a bang (and a massive robot battle)! This treatment while Sam and Bill ride through space, trying to correct the mistakes that Sam caused!

Nova #14 (2014)

Publisher: Marvel
Secret Invasion Aftermath Beta Ray Bill The Green of Eden
SECRET INVASION has ended. Skrull troops were defeated and destroyed. As a result of his battle in aid of Thor and Asgard, Beta Ray Bill has departed Earth once more, to bring justice and order to the stars. But when Bill becomes savior of space-faring alien colony, he found that maybe - just maybe - it's possible to be too much of a hero. Sharp
Civil War - The Initiative
Post-war Marvel Universe begins here! The war is over! Let the healing begin! This all-new special written by Brian Bendis, especially for the modern legend Marc Silvestri, debuts the all-new Iron Man, OMEGA FLIGHT, Mighty Avengers New Avengers and a special chapter written by Warren Ellis ... Lightning! Each chapter is an important all-new
Avengers Infinity #01-04 Complete
We have hinted at them while the now classic 12-issue adventure, and now a star covering infinities come! Unknowable and incomprehensible, they will resist the Avengers, which includes Thor, Tigra, Moon Dragon, Photon and Quasar! But first, it's specially selected squad of Earth Mightiest Heroes have to deal with the menacing powerful beings! This
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