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Green Lantern Corps - Recharge (TPB)
Collection of best-selling issue of the 5-series! With the Guardians of the Universe back, it's time to re-create the legendary Green Lantern Corps. While some familiar ring holders return to the ranks, others are gaining - and not everyone appreciates being developed!
Green Lantern - The Sinestro Corps War
An epic adventure that paved the way for the black night is now available in a trade volume of soft collection of Green Lantern # 21-25, Green Lantern Corps # 14-19 and Green Lantern: Sinestro CORPS SPECIAL # 1! Sinestro - former mentor of Hal Jordan and archnemesis - gathered an army of soldiers, working to instill fear in their other consisting
Green Lantern Vol.6 - Rage of the Red Lanterns
World War begins in this special hardcover! Firstly, ruthless, by-the-book a new task force Green Lantern known as Alpha Lanterns are born, creating tension in the ranks of the heroic Green Lantern Corps. Then, Hal Jordan fight for their lives when the Red Lantern Corps, a brutal gang of monsters is fueled by rage, attack! But nothing could
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