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Green Lantern - The Sinestro Corps War
An epic adventure that paved the way for the black night is now available in a trade volume of soft collection of Green Lantern # 21-25, Green Lantern Corps # 14-19 and Green Lantern: Sinestro CORPS SPECIAL # 1! Sinestro - former mentor of Hal Jordan and archnemesis - gathered an army of soldiers, working to instill fear in their other consisting
Blackest Night (TPB)
All out war between the different Corps rages on , the prophecy of Blackest Night descends in this hardcover collecting the best-selling Blackest Night # 0-8 . Now, Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps lead DC champions in the battle to save the universe from an army of Black Lanterns consists of dead heroes and villains in the DCU ! Through
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