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Green Lantern Vol.4 - Dark Days
In this first collection from the new GREEN LANTERN team of writer Robert Venditti and artist Billy Tan from issues #21-26, GREEN LANTERN #23.1: RELIC, and GREEN LANTERN ANNUAL #2, Hal Jordan becomes the leader of the most feared and hated group in the universe: The Green Lantern Corps! And while Hal struggles with his new role as leader of the
Green Lantern Vol.6 - Rage of the Red Lanterns
World War begins in this special hardcover! Firstly, ruthless, by-the-book a new task force Green Lantern known as Alpha Lanterns are born, creating tension in the ranks of the heroic Green Lantern Corps. Then, Hal Jordan fight for their lives when the Red Lantern Corps, a brutal gang of monsters is fueled by rage, attack! But nothing could
Green Lantern Vol.4 - The Sinestro Corps War
Reference story arc, which shook the Green Lantern Corps to its foundations gathered in this volume hardcover depicting popular Green Lantern 21-23, 14-15 Green Lantern Corps, Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps Special # 1! Army Sinestro brought about fear: Arkillo! Karu-Sil! Cyborg Superman! And hundreds of the most feared villains of the universe has
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