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Green Lantern Vol.4 - Dark Days
In this first collection from the new GREEN LANTERN team of writer Robert Venditti and artist Billy Tan from issues #21-26, GREEN LANTERN #23.1: RELIC, and GREEN LANTERN ANNUAL #2, Hal Jordan becomes the leader of the most feared and hated group in the universe: The Green Lantern Corps! And while Hal struggles with his new role as leader of the
Green Lantern Corps Sins Of The Star Sapphire (TPB)
The war with the Sinestro Corps may have ended, but the Green Lanterns are still facing some unlikely ripples from the battle in this new collection! Thanks to Green Lantern Corps # 27-32.
Green Lantern Corps - Recharge (TPB)
Collection of best-selling issue of the 5-series! With the Guardians of the Universe back, it's time to re-create the legendary Green Lantern Corps. While some familiar ring holders return to the ranks, others are gaining - and not everyone appreciates being developed!
Green Lantern Vol.2 - Revenge of the Green Lanterns
Collecting issues # 7-13 month title! This volume is Hal Jordan is combined with a green arrow to fight demonic Mongul and joining Batman to meet with murderous Tattooed Man, before learning that long assumed dead Green Lanterns are still alive!
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