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Arrow #01 (Malibu)

Arrow #01 (Malibu)

The Arrow thinks back at a time when he tried to stop Dr. Sheldon from committing a crime. The Arrow shot an arrow to stop Dr. Sheldon and it ended up piercing the leg of an innocent bystander. Dr. Sheldon taunted the Arrow for his mistake and he beat her severely. Man of War arrived to diffuse the situation and reprimand the Arrow. Now, after the unfortunate event at the town of Brinkston, heroes are coming back out of retirement and the Arrow wants to be part of that team, called the Protectors. To hone his crime fighting skills, the Arrow stops a robbery but he is rusty and kills a child by mistake. After speaking to Man of War, who rejected the Arrow from membership of the Protectors, the Arrow feels that they are right and he throws away his uniform and weapons. While drowning his woes in a bar, he learns that Dr. Sheldon is committing a crime right down the street. The Arrow is conflicted about stopping Dr. Sheldon on his own, feeling that he always hurts someone innocent. When Dr. Sheldon kidnaps a child, the Arrow feels like he has to intervene, but she catches him off-guard by commenting on his usual form of hurting an innocent. The Arrow and Dr. Sheldon are in a showdown, with the child in Dr. Sheldon's arm. The Arrow decides to let loose an arrow and it hits Dr. Sheldon's arm, letting the child get away. He follows up with another three arrows hitting the same arm. After defeating Dr. Sheldon again, and saving the boy, the Arrow feels he has worth as a hero again. He is secretly viewed upon by the Eye.

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