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Justice Inc Vol.1 (TPB)
Historic crossover seventy-five years in the making! Shadow, Doc, and the avenger of three iconic crime fighters first introduced in pulp magazines Street and Smith Publications, gathered together for the first time ever to prevent a global catastrophe! Because of the tragedy, the hero was born ... and formed an alliance! When the plane of
The Manhattan Projects Vol.2 (TPB)
"THEY RULE" The second amazing amount SCIENCE, bad book of the new millennium. Battle for world domination is in full swing and bad people Manhattan Project will take only one outcome: World domination Collection of cool new series in one package super science.
The Manhattan Projects Vol.1 (TPB)
What if the research and development department created to produce the first atomic bomb was a front for some other, more unusual, programs? Collect cool new series, in a single package super science.
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