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House of M #1-8 Complete
8 issues pages | 250.0 мb.

Tags: House of M Marvel
House of M #1
182 pages | 237.3 мb.

Tags: House of M Marvel
THE MARVEL EVENT OF THE DECADE IS COLLECTED HERE! The Avengers and the X-Men are faced with a common foe that becomes their greatest threat: Wanda Maximoff! The Scarlet Witch is out of control, and the fate of the entire world is in her hands. Will Magneto help his daughter or use her powers to his own benefit? Starring the Astonishing X-Men and
House Of M - World Of M Featuring Wolverine #1
Explore the people and places of the World of M! In Black Panther, a United Africa - ruled over by Storm and T'Challa - has become an economic powerhouse and a thorn in Magneto's side. When Storm speaks out about the persistence of supremacist notions in the mutant-controlled world, a furious Magneto is determined to stop her at any cost. In
House of M - Warzones! #1
118 pages | 201.0 мb.

Tags: House of M - Warzones House of M Warzones Marvel
In the Battleworld zone known as the THE MONARCHY OF M, Lord Magnus and his family control all, having crushed all resistance to their reign. Magneto rules with an iron fist, while his children and grandchildren live their lives as royals - with all the privileges and pitfalls that come with that title. But is Magneto's control as all-encompassing
House of M - Incredible Hulk #1
In the Australian outback, Bruce Banner has found a peace he's never known among a tribe of Aborigines. But when their safety is threatened by a battle between a sect of AIM and the ruling totalitarian mutant government, the Hulk is forced to intervene in a big way. A House of M tie-in as the aforementioned "House" discovers that there is one
House of M - Fantastic Four - Iron Man #1
Two titanic tales of suspense spinning out of HOUSE OF M! The Fantastic Four as you never could have imagined them! The trusted advisor at Magneto's right hand is almost certainly the second most powerful man in the world. But the question is...will second-best be enough for Victor Von Doom? Plus: Tony Stark is the smartest, most successful Sapien
House of M - New X-Men #1
When orders come down that a leader of the human resistance in Japan must be assassinated, S.H.I.E.L.D.'s highly trained Hellions squad is called in to do it. But when a team of future mutant leaders called the New Mutants find out about this, they must intervene to put an end to a guaranteed disaster of global portions! Collects New X-Men:
House of M - Masters of Evil #1
Hot on the heels of the last two acclaimed mini’s, House of M returns! You’ve seen how the mutants and the heroes were changed in the world ruled by Magneto...but what about the villains? Their story stands revealed at last as The Hood assembles a gang of the deadliest Sapien super-criminals: Madame Masque, The Absorbing Man, Titania, The
House of M - Civil War #1
120 pages | 130.0 мb.

Tags: House of M - Civil War House of M Civil War Marvel
The biggest House of M story is finally revealed: how did Magneto take over the world? He began life as a penniless refugee, but rose to conquer the entire planet...and now Christos N. Gage (Thunderbolts, House of M: Avengers) and Andrea Di Vito (Annihilation) show you how the Master of Magnetism did it! Witness Magneto's first battle with the
House of M - Avengers #1
121 pages | 178.7 мb.

Tags: House of M - Avengers House of M Avengers Marvel
Return to the world of the hit House of M series, where mutants rule the earth and familiar heroes lead shocking, unfamiliar lives! See the history of this alternate reality revealed for the first time! Follow Luke Cage as he goes from wrongly-convicted prisoner to super-powered fugitive - and assembles the band of rebel freedom fighters who will
House of M #04
Will our heroes triumph against NAMOR and his Atlantean army? Will rule supreme, as he once did? Or will HOUSE MAGNUS fall, like so much rubble that was once their Genoshan palace?
House of M #03
To return all that he had lost, Magneto, the legitimate patriarch of the House of Magnus should enter into an alliance with those he vowed to avoid, Luke Cage and the rest of the human resistance!
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