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Secret Wars - Battleworld #04
Silver Surfer About EGYPTIA must collect money for a giant sphinx in the desert, otherwise it will be doomed to wander forever! MAESTRO has something of the Silver Surfer wants and he does not give it up without a fight of the century!
Secret Wars - Battleworld #03
One against many! What happens when Wolverine, who has found the world is faced with wave after wave of savage Wolverine? Bring a poncho! Deadpool 1872 looking for a new ride! Let's say, the devil dinosaur looks like a mighty fine horse ... See an extremely tiny fight in Ant-men Battleworld! If you only read one Secret Wars anthology, make it
Secret Wars - Battleworld #02
The blade on the trail of horrible Count Dracula, but if Howard the Duck has something to say about it! (Spoiler: It does!) Rising Star of David Walker (VAL) and JJ Kirby tell DayWalker ducks trapped in the city! The death of his daughter was made Gladiator Thaddeus Ross true war machine, but it will ever find a place in the ring, or become a
Secret Wars - Battleworld #01
When the Universe and Marvel Ultimate universe collide, there is only ... Battleworld! Featuring fights, battles and bloated, which are too large for the Secret Wars! When Dr. Strange had Punisher is on the move, only Spider-Man, Wolverine, Hulk and Ghost Rider, you can track it! Q: What happens when MODOK recruits each M.O.D.O.K. ever for his
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