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Wolverines #02
Sinister Strike! How Daken is crippled and fading, and Shogun sees death looms for themselves and their entire crew Weapon X, the only legacy Wolverine - X-23, Sabretooth, Mystique and Lady Death - you can save them. But none of them can not be trusted!
Avengers Under Siege HC
Home heroes, but the villains are waiting for them! Avengers Mansion becomes the site of one of the greatest battles of the team when Baron Zemo's Masters of Evil remove powerful of Earth's heroes, one by one, one seemingly forever! Plus: Odyssey Avengers, Alpha Flight and Atlantean civil war! Guest starring role Ant-Man, Doctor Druid and Paladin,
Fantastic Four #04
"The Fall of The Fantastic Four" PART 4 FLAME OFF! Johnny Storm has lost his powers! Human Torch is not over! With one member down, a new threat arises - for wrecking crew ... with mysterious powers elevated to the level of destruction, as they team up with the wizard to be a new, devastating version four terrible! And, as Ben and Alicia novel
Omega Flight #01-05 Complete
From the ashes of Alpha Flight and the Civil War: Initiative, Canada gets a new super team in this five issue mini-series. Cast Snow, Arachne, U.S. Agent, Talisman, Beta Ray Bill and a new trustee, the new team must defend Canada from the threat Wrecking Crew and big game!
Ultimate Hulk Annual
This final trip of the year! Hulk and Zarda - aka Power Princess from the Squadron Almighty - team-by-country break the wildest and-grab you can imagine! Guest starring role of Captain America! Join the red-hot team Jeph Loeb (HULK) and Marko Đurđević (THOR) as the mayhem breaks out as only he can in the end of the universe!
Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #01-12 HD Complete
Crossover comic series that the bar for all other crossovers arrive. Secet war is twelve issue mini-series details the history of the greatest heroes and villains of Earth abduction omnipotent Beyonder and forced to fight to all their wishes true. Otherworld wants to know what the power will be the winner of that good ... or evil! Series was
Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #06
SUPERIOR SIX continues! Spider-Man formed his SUPERIOR superhero team ... of the Sinister Six! As Spider-Man has to deal with the problems of his new team poses, Lightmaster makes his move! Can Spider-Man trust his new team, known for his worst enemies when reformed Masters of Evil to come calling?
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